Summer With Cimorelli Series Coming Soon!

If you can't get enough of Cimorelli, you're in for a massive treat with the Summer with Cimorelli series, beginning June 3rd!Summer With Cimorelli Web Series

When the six Cimorelli sisters throw a party at their house, things get a little out of hand. Chimpanzees wreck the house, as well as the neighbor's classic car, and a llama lounges by the pool in the backyard!

When the cops show up to shut things down, they strike a deal with the sisters. Their neighbor agree not to press charges, as long as the girls can pay all of the damages to his car!

How do the Cimorelli sisters plan to raise enough money to fix the car? They realize that with their musical talents, they might be able to make some money creating videos on YouTube!

We absolutely can't wait to see this web series, sponsored by Subway, come to life! The trailer also features the new original Cimorelli track "That Girl Should Be Me," and we hope even more new music from the girls is in store for us!

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