Summer With Cimorelli Episode 3!

In Summer with Cimorelli Episode 3, illness takes hold in the Cimorelli house, and the sisters must devise a creative method of sharing their singing talents with the world!Summer With Cimorelli Episode 3

It all begins when Lisa and Lauren fight over a cup of chocolate pudding. When Lisa licks Lauren's spoon, it sets off a chain reaction of a nasty cold bug in the household!

As Katherine and Christina attempt to care for their younger sisters, they also manage to get sick by handling used tissues.

Dani and Amy celebrate their health, but not for long. As they're the only healthy people in the house, they get stuck with the shopping, cleaning and laundry.

Plus, it's up to them to think of an idea for their next YouTube video, which is tough, considering four of the sisters are out of commission!

Amy and Dani are stumped until they run into sports journalist Jay Glazer in the grocery store parking lot. He runs away but Amy chasing him down and manages to tackle him. He agrees to help them out.

The girls appear on the jumbotron at a packed football game. They perform an awe-inspiring a cappella version of the "Star Spangled Banner," from home via satellite driving the crowd wild!

The national anthem is complete with the sisters' coughs, snuffles and sneezes. Despite their colds, they are a massive hit!

We absolutely can't wait to see Cimorelli come back next week for episode 4, hopefully in good health! Check out the previous episodes below and let us know what you think of episode 3 in our Cimorelli community at!