Summer With Cimorelli Episode 4: The Audition!

Summer with Cimorelli Episode 4 is here! In the latest installment of the series, the girls audition for a musical! They seem a shoe-in for the show, but what happens in the episode may surprise you!summer with cimorelli episode 4

After getting over the colds they had last week, the Cimorelli sisters are left with nothing but condiments and seasoning in the fridge and cupboard. On top of all of that, Suzie the chimp returns, and starts eating the little food Cimorelli have left in the pantry!

As Suzie wreaks havoc in the house, the girls gather in the backyard to brainstorm about how to raise enough money to make it through the summer!

Of course, Lisa resorts to a piece of advice from her crush Joey at Subway, and Cimorelli decides to audition for a live-stage production of the TV show Savannah Louisiana. Getting cast will help them sort out their financial dilemma!

Jason Earles from Hannah Montana makes a guest appearance as tries to get cast for the show!

When it comes to the audition, Lauren gets stage fright, and the girls change the scene, written for two people, to suit their needs as a 6-girl troupe.

Because of their awesome energy they do get a job… as sign twirlers and parking attendants outside of the theater's parking lot!

We absolutely cannot wait to see what the next episode brings! If you've missed episodes 1 through 3, you can check those out here!

Cimorelli's original songs "What I Do" and "Everything You Have" are also now available to download on iTunes! Buy them here and here!

What do you think will happen in the next episode of Summer With Cimorelli? Post your predictions in the comments below and tell us about them at!