Summer With Cimorelli Red Carpet Premiere!

The Sweety High crew was in attendance last night at the Summer With Cimorelli red carpet event, in collaboration with AwesomenessTV and Subway!summer with cimorelli premiere

After a fantastic red carpet at YouTube Space L.A. where Cimorelli got to mingle with fans, they took to the stage to answer questions, perform hit songs and count down until the release of Summer With Cimorelli's first episode!

The show was hosted by Awesomeness Hollywood host Hunter March! Cimorelli started off with a fantastic live performance of their popular track "Made In America" before answering fan questions onstage!

The girls spoke all about what it was like to work on their first scripted series, and walked us through their songwriting process!

Special guests at the show included YouTube stars Teala Dunn, Jon of SimplySpoons, Bea Miller and many more! We also got to see some of the cast of the Summer With Cimorelli series, including Jason Earles of Hannah Montana fame and Lisa Arch from Cory in the House!

Cimorelli continued the show with performances of some of their new songs, including "That Girl Should Be Me" and "Everything You Have" with Amy on the acoustic guitar! Both songs are featured in the new series!

The sisters also sang a thank you song to Subway before premiering Summer With Cimorelli!

In the new series, the six sisters are left to their own devices for the summer while their archeologist parents are away on a dig!

Christina puts herself in charge, but is unable to prevent her sisters from throwing a crazy Summerelli summer party, which happens to be packed with Subway subs because Lisa has a crush on Joey the sandwich artist!

When the girls rent a llama for the party, some unruly chimpanzees, including Suzie the chimp, manage to break free of the animal truck, and end up wrecking the neighbor's car!

Eventually, the cops show up. They explain that the neighbor has agreed not to press charges, as long as the girls can pay off the damages to the car!

The girls could call their parents, but then they'd sent over their Grandma Judy to babysit! Instead, they decide to make the money they need to survive summer by making videos on YouTube!

We absolutely can't wait to see how the rest of the series plays out! Check out the first episode below and be sure to join our CimFam community at!