What Your Sun, Rising and Moon Signs Reveal About Who You Are

Everyone knows their zodiac sign.

Correction, everyone knows their sun sign.

What most people don't realize is that everyone is a unique combination of zodiac signs, all dependent on the date, time and location one was born. We can't calculate that for you, but this birth chart report can.

While your sun sign is an important sign to know, there are two others that are very indicative of your personality—your rising and moon signs.

Like your sun sign, your rising and moon signs reveal a ton about the type of person you are. Find out what that is below!

Sun Sign

Again, this is the sign that first comes to mind when people are asked what they're zodiac sign is. It's the easiest to calculate, because it's based on the date you were born. And who doesn't know their birth date? Anyway, your sun sign is the basis of who you are. It's your ego, if you will. Essentially, it plays the biggest influence in making you who you are. It determines what you like, don't like and why you have these feelings about certain things. It reveals almost all of who you are to the world, with the rest being determined by your rising and moon signs.

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Rising Sign

Calculated based on the time of day you were born, your rising sign is very important. While your sun sign represents a majority of who you are, your rising sign does something fairly similar; it governs how you present yourself to others and what you're wiling to reveal to them. When you first meet someone, this is usually how they view you. So if you're a Sagittarius, but an Aries rising, others will notice your fiery and competitive side more than they'll be aware of your optimistic and hilarious character traits. It's often believed that your rising sign will tell you your soul's purpose. So if you haven't calculated what yours is yet, be sure to do that ASAP.

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Moon Sign

As you probably guessed, your moon sign is calculated based on the position of the moon when and where you were born. It rules your emotions and governs how you interact with others. Your rising sign is what you're willing to reveal to others, but your moon sign is the version of yourself you tend to hide from the outside world. It's the person you are when you're all alone. When you become stressed or uncertain about something, this is when your moon sign comes out. It even reveals itself when you enter relationships, ruling what you want most out of your partnership. Essentially, it's the side of you you'd never reveal to anyone except your secret diary.

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