Step Up Your Pillow Game With Sunday Citizen

I'm a sucker for home decor sections. Whether I'm at Target or Anthropologie, the first section I go to is almost always home decor.

From pillows to candles, throws and more, what's not to love? My personal decor situation at home is full of stark whites, oak woods, natural lighting and tons of candles. But up until a few months ago, it felt like something was missing, specifically, pillows.

So, when the team behind Sunday Citizen reached out and asked if I'd be interested in seeing some of their pillows firsthand, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. And now, my home looks picture-perfect! Keep scrolling to learn more about Sunday Citizen and the pillows I got my hands on.

The Brand

Sunday Citizen is all about providing customers with luxury products at an affordable price. From sustainable practices to working directly with manufacturers, this brand takes quality and comfort seriously. The shop at Sunday Citizen is full of pillows, throws, bedding, towels and other home decor items.

sunday citizen pillow

(via Sunday Citizen)


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The Pillows

Snug Floor Pillow: $110

The Snug Floor Pillow is available in colors including sage, blush, denim, Sahara tan, off white, cloud grey and taupe. I opted for the taupe color because I thought it would look best in my living room next to my white couch! The pillow wasn't as fluffy as I was expecting it to be upon opening the package, but once it was out and breathing, some life seemed to come back into the memory foam.

And while this is referred to as a floor pillow, I actually just have it on my couch, and I think it looks great! If I ever have guests over and we need more sitting room, though, I'll just throw this on the ground and let someone use it. It's proven to be versatile and I get tons of use out of it.

sunday citizen pillow

(via Sunday Citizen)


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Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow: $105

I was most excited to use the Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow. I just love the shape of lumbar pillows and always find myself gravitating toward them. This specific pillow is available in the colors off white, black, navy, sienna and Sahara tan. And after styling it on the opposite end of my couch from the other pillow, my couch finally looked complete.

The pillow has braided detailing and pom poms on either end. However, after the first day of using the pillow, two of the pom poms came off! I had grabbed the pillow by the pom poms attempting to move it closer to me, not realizing how delicate that area was. It was definitely a bummer to lose those but in all honesty, you can hardly even notice it.

sunday citizen pillow

(via Sunday Citizen)


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Bottom Line

Overall, I'm very happy with my pillows from Sunday Citizen! They're super soft, look amazing and have a chic, boho look to them.

sunday citizen pillow

(via Sunday Citizen)


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