The Sunglasses Your Fave Euphoria Characters Would Wear IRL

If you're a fan of Euphoria, you've come to the right place.

We love the show's female characters. From Jules to Cassie, Rue, Maddy, Kat and Lexi, they all give amazing performances, and we're especially into their style. Each girl has their own vibe and distinct sense of style, and we love tuning in every week to see what they're styled in. If you want to incorporate some Euphoria-esque fashion pieces into your own everyday style, you're in luck! Look below for the sunglasses we think each Euphoria character would wear in real life!

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Otra Eyewear Paris Sunglasses: $65

When we think of Jules, we think of her free-spirited nature and her ability to put a smile on anyone's face. That's why we think she'd love these sunnies from Otra Eyewear. The pink and gold definitely aren't something most people would wear, and the feminine style is right up Jules' alley. The oversized look makes the glasses really stand out, and if she rocks these everyone's eyes will be drawn right to her face.


(via Otra Eyewear)



Quay In Demand Sunglasses: $55

Cassie is flirty, loves love and wants to fit in with her peers. That's why we think she'd be into these sunnies from Quay. They're one of the most popular styles on the site, and since Cassie wants to fit in, she'd go for something trendy like these. The orange and black colors would look amazing with her blonde hair, making these retro-inspired sunglasses the perfect pair for her.


(via Quay Australia)



Diff Eyewear Camden Sunglasses: $105

Rue is the type of person who prefers to blend into the background. She doesn't want to be seen and would rather do her own thing. That's why we think she'd go for this pair from Diff Eyewear. The black shade is perfect for everyday use and will give her an incognito vibe. Featuring a classic style and polarized lenses, these glasses have Rue written all over them.


(via Diff Eyewear)


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Karen Wazen Amira Sunglasses: $150

Maddy gives off major baddie energy, and we have no doubt in our minds that she'd wear a pair like this from Karen Wazen. The ultra-oversized fit is something she would rock daily and she'd especially love the orange color. She wants to stand out any chance she gets, and by wearing this pair of sunnies, we have no doubt everyone would be showering her with compliments.


(via Karen Wazen)



Le Specs The Last Lolita: $119 (on sale for $59.99!)

If you identify with Kat's edgy style, you'll understand why we think these glasses from Le Specs are perfect for her! She's definitely the type of girl to go for a cat-eye, but the slim look gives it a twist that's all her. Coming in black, we could picture Kat wearing these babies to school, on a date or even when she's walking around the mall inside.


(via Le Specs)



Eleventh Hour Brunch Sunglasses: $85

We're still getting to know Lexi, but after watching her interactions with friends and Fez (can they date already?) we think she'd love this pair of sunnies from Eleventh Hour. The slim silhouette and nude shade of the frames would look great on her face shape. Plus, since her clothing style is more subdued, these would be a fun way to spice things up.


(via Eleventh Hour)


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