9 Memes That Will Perfectly Express Your Feelings About Super LIII

Super Bowl LIII is just around the corner.

Whether you've been waiting for this moment since last year's game or you couldn't care less about football in general, there's one thing we can all enjoy about the Super Bowl: memes.

Keep scrolling for nine memes that will perfectly express all your feelings about Super Bowl LIII.

1. First of all, no one likes the Patriots:


2. Like, seriously. No one:


3. But that's okay, they don't care:

4. This will probably be our tactic:

5. This is not what we signed up for:

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6. It's hard to talk football when you don't understand football:


7. Of course, we know we're already disappointed with the halftime show:


8. But the Super Bowl can still bring us together:

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9. And point out all the ways that we're alike:


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