Superbloom Is a Plant-Based, Holistic Skincare Brand You NEED in Your Beauty Routine

Since the beginning of quarantine, I have gotten very into my twice-a-day skincare routine.

To put it bluntly, before March of 2020, my skincare routine was basic. I essentially washed my face with water or an apricot scrub when my skin was going through a rough week, and maybe spritzed on a toner I'd received as a gift here or there, whenever I remembered to. I was prone to occasional breakouts, and since I don't wear makeup, I was out of luck if I had discoloration or spots. I just had to deal with it.

But in 2020, I discovered the power of routines, and the products I began using on a daily basis grew. That meant mists and toners, serums and oils, an SPF lotion and a moisturizing lotion, and an under-eye cream and lip balm twice a day. I saw an instant improvement to my skin—and a whole new world of skincare opened up to me.

Since I'always on the lookout for great new skin goodies, I was thrilled when the folks behind the new Grove Collaborative skincare brand Superbloom asked if I'd be interested in trying out their products ahead of today's Jan. 26 launch. I agreed—and these products have become essential to my morning and night regimen.

The Brand

Superbloom is all about holistic skin health, and their products are packed with ingredients that protect skin from the environmental stressors we deal with every day, while also being ultra-hydrating. Using all plant-based ingredients, they're designed to protect users and prevent damage from UV light, blue light, dry air, free radicals and smog. The result, according to the brand, is healthy, beautiful skin.

At today's launch, Superbloom includes two separate but powerful regimens each with a cleanser, moisturizer and mist—one for dry and normal skin, and the other for oily combination skin—retailing at $122 and $120 respectively for the sets. I was sent their Reviving Skin Soak Mist, Gentle Purity Toner, Vitamin C & E Brilliance Serum, Bounce Bak Radiance Serum and Bright Eyes Peptide Cream for review, and while I haven't been able to test the entire line, I can say that these products get my seal of approval.

Superbloom Product Lineup

(via Grove Collaborative)


The Products

Reviving Skin Soak Mist: $17

I like to begin my morning skincare routine with a mist of toner, and Superbloom's Reviving Skin Soak Mist has become an instant favorite. This mist bottle contains 1 fl. oz. of the liquid, but sprays a very fine mist so that it's made to last. It has ingredients for protecting against dryness as well as pollution, and it instantly makes my face feel fresh and hydrated in the mornings, which makes sense given the ingredients.  It's made with both cactus flower and aloe—desert plants known for their abilities to retain moisture under the most intense conditions. I've also enjoyed using it occasionally for a mid-day boost, and it can be even be used to set makeup.

I like using this one after my morning showers, and the yellow and orange colors on the bottle remind me of the morning sunrise, making it easy to remember which of my two sprays to turn to. Just one warning—the sleek white cap on the closed bottle, enclosing the sprayer, looks more like a twist-off cap than one that pulls right off. Don't make the same mistake I did and unscrew it, spilling valuable mist all over your bathroom counter!

Superbloom Revival Skin Soak Mist

(via Grove Collaborative)


Gentle Purity Toner: $19

After using the Reviving Skin Soak Mist in the mornings, Superbloom's Gentle Purity Toner has become my go-to before bed—and the bottle's sunset colors put me in just the mood for bedtime. This toner uses anti-inflammatory passionflower to calm skin while balancing extra oil and preventing breakouts, leaving my skin free of irritation. It also includes vitamins A and C for healing skin, and antioxidant-rich coffee seed extract, fighting free radicals and pollution. And it's not just hydrating, but also clarifying and purifying, warding off excess oils that might cause breakouts. And again, you'll want to be careful figuring out that cap! 


Superbloom Gentle Puirty Toner

(via Grove Collaborative)


Vitamin C & E Brilliance Serum: $39

This serum shares its lovely color combination with the Gentle Purity Toner, but I've decided on using this one in the mornings, after the Reviving Skin Soak Mist. It consists of a slightly milky, yet lightweight, serum with a dropper, and applying it to my skin makes it feel tight, firm and radiant.

The inclusion of vitamins C and E reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots while also helping to heal skin from sun exposure and free radicals. The serum also features alpine rose stem cells, which strengthen the skin's function as a barrier against UV light, coldness, dryness and wind. That's been a lifesaver during my second Pacific Northwest winter!


Superbloom Vitamin C & E Brilliance Serum

(via Grove Collaborative)


Bounce Bak Radiance Serum: $39

For nighttime, I've fallen in love with this Bounce Bak Radiance Serum after the Gentle Purity Toner. It has a similar milky consistency to the other serum, but this one reduces wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improves texture and evens skin tone after one month's use. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, so I can't speak to that just yet, but I do know I love the smooth, tight feeling of my skin after using it. The active ingredient is bakuchiol, which acts like retinol and reduces the appearance of aging. I may not look noticeably younger, but it's really how you feel that counts, and I feel great.

Superbloom Bounce Bak Radiance Serum

(via Grove Collaborative)


Bright Eyes Peptide Cream: $44

Before I got into skincare, silly me hadn't even considered that there are products out there specifically for brightening dark spots below the eyes. As someone who doesn't always get the best sleeps, my bags can get serious, and while I usually hide them behind my glasses, it's so nice to know there's another way. This Bright Eyes Peptide Cream with eyebright flower extract really gets the job done.

The formula is a very light texture, super moisturizing and smoothing, yet gentle on the delicate skin under the eyes. That hydration, plus brightening, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. It helps me look alert and ready in the mornings, even when I'm far from it. I also love that just a little of this cream goes a long way. Too much, and the bright white formula doesn't absorb into my skin and go on clear. However, a dabbing motion allows it to soak right in, rather than simply smearing it across, making my bags look bright and barely-there.



Superbloom Bright Eyes Peptide Cream

(via Grove Collaborative)


Bottom Line

If you're on the lookout for a new, high-quality, plant-based skincare brand, you can't ask for more than what you get from Superbloom. Each of their products makes my skin feel healthy, hydrated and young, and the fact they're cruelty-free is the cherry on top.

Of course, premium products don't come cheap. While the toners are on the more affordable side, their serums and eye cream start crossing over into the realm of pricey—especially when you consider these products come in half-ounce containers. But if you take beauty and skincare seriously, you won't be disappointed with the results.


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