Cara Delevingne Created the Ultimate Couple Name for Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas

Cara Delevingne recently created the ultimate ship name when she decided that celebrity supercouple Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas should be called "G.I. Joe." We loved the name so much, we decided to come up with some of our own. Do you think any of them stack up?

Nick Jonas and Cher Lloyd haven't even met each other as far as we know, but Nickelloydeon would be the perfect couple name for these musical megastars.

We know that Demi Lovato is super happy with bf Wilmer Valderrama, but for the purpose of this blog post, we're shipping her with Niall Horan because we're totally in DeNiall.

Taylor Swift + Calvin Harris = SuperCalvinfragilisticexpialiTaylor. Just go with it!

No matter how famous Ariana Grande gets, her name continues to remind us of a regular-sized Starbucks coffee. That's why she should totally date Pretty Little Liars star Shane Coffey and we could finally order a Grande Coffey.

Emmy Rossum may be a little older than any of the guys from 5 Seconds of Summer, but if she were to date Ashton Irwin or Calum Hood they could be RossumSOS, and that would be totally awesomesauce.

Jack Griffo and his girlfriend Ryan Newman are totally meant to be, but Jack's couple name with Kiernan Shipka could be Shippogriff. It's got ship right in the name!

Paper Towns hunk Nat Wolff should definitely date Karlie Kloss's little sister, Kimberly, so the duo could take on the totally awesome name of Kimberwolff. The two recently posed together at the Paper Towns premiere (with Karlie Kloss, John Green and Cara Delevingne in tow).

And as the originator of the idea, Cara Delevingne deserves a matching of our own. We totally love Cara and St.Vincent together, but if Cara were to give The Duff'Robbie Amell a shot, they could be Caramell. Nothing could be sweeter.

Who's your #1 ship, and what name have you given them? Share it all with us in the comments.