Supergirl Series Coming To TVs Everywhere!

Get ready for more superhero girl power on your television sets! A new TV series based on DC's Supergirl is in the works! supergirl tv series

Warner Bros. recently made the announcement that a Supergirl show is in the early development stages. The new show will adapt the comic to the small screen for millions of viewers! 

The Supergirl show follows in the wake of the success of Arrow and its spinoff series The Flash on the CW. Those shows focus on the origins stories of beloved DC superheroes, and the Supergirl series is likely to do the same!

Supergirl first appeared in comics in 1959, and has appeared in a number of incarnations over the years. The most popular of the Supergirls was Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman, with similar powers, as well as a shared weakness to Kryptonite!

The new series, which has not yet been named, is set to be a brand new take on Supergirl, with a different background and story than what fans might expect.

We can't wait to see this new series come to life!

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