I Tried the 'No. 1 Whitening System' Recommended by Cosmetic Dentists

I'm not one to fuss over my appearance.

I never really wear makeup, I hardly ever style my hair and I pretty much wear the same ensemble of jeans and a band tee every day of the week.

The one thing that I do care about way more than any person should is how white my teeth are. I literally obsess over it.

I regularly use whitening toothpaste, chew whitening gum and throw on a whitening strip whenever I get the chance. So when my teeth start to look even the slightest tint of yellow, it doesn't go unnoticed.

Because my coffee intake has significantly increased over the past few months (thanks to my late nights staying up all night watching The Office for the eleventh time through), my pearly whites have lost a bit of their luster.

That's when I stumbled upon Supersmile—the No. 1 whitening system recommended by cosmetic dentists.

Naturally, I was curious to see if this whitening toothpaste really works, so I reached out for review. When they heard about my predicament, they sent me their Extra White System, which is comprised of whitening toothpaste and a whitening accelerator.

This system can make your teeth up to two shades whiter in just one use, thanks to their powerful ingredient, Calprox. According to Supersmile, Calprox is a proprietary formula of encapsulated calcium peroxide and minerals. Not only does it whiten teeth, it restores enamel.

Excited to try this system, I went to work.

Using the paste was super easy. Every morning and night, I'd squeeze a pearl-sized amount onto my toothbrush and brush my teeth in a circular motion for two minutes.

Here's what my teeth looked like before and after using the whitening system for a week:

Ashley's teeth before and after using Supersmile's whitening system for a week

(Before and after using Supersmile's whitening system)

The before and after photos don't do my teeth justice, because they definitely are whiter than they look. The reflection of the sun in the left-hand pic has them looking a lot less yellow than they actually work.

I also noticed that my teeth, specifically my gums, felt a lot healthier. This is a little TMI, but I generally wake up with this pocket of plaque between two of my teeth. Since I've been using Supersmile, I don't wake up with that plaque anymore.

I think I've found my new go-to whitening system in Supersmile, though I could do without the $150 price tag. Thankfully, there's enough toothpaste and accelerator in each bottle to last quite a while.

If you want to give Supersmile a test ride (er, brush?), check out their products HERE.


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