SURAN Discusses New Single 'Devils in the City' and Her Love for Her 'Swans'

Independent K-pop artist SURAN has achieved so much success with her music over the years.

Her songs have been streamed millions upon millions of times, and now, the star is back—alongside Show Me The Money judge and rapper Dok2—with the electrifying new single "Devils In The City." We were so excited to speak with SURAN about the song and its lyrics means to her, as well as her hopes and inspirations.

Sweety High: How does this single show your growth as an artist?

SURAN: "Devils In The City" is the first full English song in my career (excluding OST songs) and this is always something I have wanted to challenge. Musically, I really love this kind of pop house/R&B genre and grew up listening to it a lot. Lyrically, the feeling and expression of Korean lyrics are also different from English lyrics, so I enjoyed trying a new way of expression through this song.


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SH: How does this song represent the music that you plan to release in the future?

SURAN: I've been focused on creating music more freely and making whatever I want with an open mind.


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SH: What does "Devils In The City" mean to you?

SURAN: This is a song that will always help me remember the things I have to remember in life.


>SH: What was the inspiration behind the song?

SURAN: I trusted some people that I shouldn't have trusted and that completely broke me. Those memories were very difficult to overcome and that was the inspiration behind the song.


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SH: What made you choose Dok2 for this song? What's your favorite part of working with him?

SURAN: I felt that he could understand what I went through, so I decided to ask him to feature on this song. I really respect his artistry and rapping and after he sent me his rap verse, I was really impressed. When I listened to his lyrics, I thought "this is exactly what I was looking for."

Suran Press 2

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SH: What in your everyday life inspires you the most?

SURAN: I always feel that my music is from my life way and path, maybe because I am singing about my life. I'm just creating and singing what I want to remember—all the memories that impacted my life and sometimes I sing about hope too.


SH: What's your favorite way to express your love to your fans?

SURAN: I don't know why but I'm actually really shy to call out to my fans. I feel shy and kind of like, "Anybody here?" Maybe because I haven't had the chance to hold my own concert yet, so I don't know where or how many fans there are and I'm unsure sometimes. But! I would say calling my fans "Swans" is my favorite way to express my love for my fans. Also, the way I express my love to my fans is always through music. I put everything into my music and I always hope that my fans can understand me and my message through my songs.

Suran Press 3

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SH: What would you say to someone who is new to your music and is considering checking you out? 

SURAN: I hope you listen to my music with an open mind and I hope you can see my real heart.  Welcome to my S-TASY world and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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