Surfboard Music Video By Cody Simpson!

The new "Surfboard" music video by Australian pop singer Cody Simpson begins with Cody lifting the door to a beach shed to continue work on crafting his perfect surfboard!Surfboard Cody Simpson

Before long, Cody is daydreaming about seeing himself on TV as a 50s rock 'n' roll crooner, complete with a golden guitar.

As he's shaping his surfboard, he's also interrupted by the girl of his dreams!

We love the way the track transitions from its beach rock vibe into the song's romantic R&B hook! As Cody and the girl dance in an inch of ocean water, the sentiment perfectly reflects the beat!

We're also super sad that Cody was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars last night, but we're so proud of the amazing job he did!

Check out the new music video below and let us know what you think! And if you love Cody, be sure to join our sweet community at!