8 Sushi Fusions Only the Bravest Raw Fish Fans Will Enjoy

As we bask in the golden age of social media, we can't deny that gramming pics of photogenic food has really shifted the way our dishes are served.

From cronuts to rainbow food, there's no end in sight to the ongoing question of "What'll they think of next??"

Because we love all things sushi, we decided to take a look at the wildest sushi fusions that only the bravest raw fish connoisseurs could swallow.

Scroll below to feel like fish out of water:

Sushi Burger

Rather than serving your fish in a roll, this fusion pairs it between two sticky rice buns.

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Sushi Donut

We're all for this fusion that provides the perfect excuse for indulging in sushi first thing in the morning.

????????Donut Go Breaking My Heart???????? #sushimi #sushidonut #bali #seminyak #sushimilove

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Sushi Burrito

The sushi burrito is like the big brother of the sushi roll. A much, much bigger brother.

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Sushi Croissant

TBH we don't really know how we feel about this one. While we'll take a ham and cheese croissant any day, this sushi filling just seems a little fishy.

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Sushi Nachos

This fusion gets two very big emoji thumbs up. The ratio of delicious filling is way more enjoyable on this chip-lined platter.


Dessert Sushi

Unlike other (imposter) dessert sushi, this roll is wrapped up in some sweet rice, which makes it much more daring than its pastry counterparts.


Sushi Sandwich

Why fill up on bread when your sandwich could be wrapped up in seaweed??

I present the #sushisandwhich

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Sushi 'Tater' Tots

These tots are everything that dreams are made of—while the toppings look delish we can't deny the appeal of fried rice tots.

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