How Susie Suh Learned to Let Go and Rediscover Herself With 'Over You (Cinematic Version)'

When we truly want to put the day behind us and transport ourselves to another world through gorgeously evocative music, we put on Susie Suh.

The singer-songwriter is known for her soulfully dreamy vocals and introspective approach, and her most recent release, "Over You (Cinematic Version)," may be her most memorable yet. It's a song about learning to look inward, setting boundaries and figuring out how to finally put yourself first, with the delicate strumming of an acoustic guitar layered with sweeping strings to create a sound that's gentle, yet cavernous and epic, creating the ultimate escapist soundscape. We fell in love with it at first listen, and had the chance to discuss the stunning new single with Susie herself to discover precisely how it came to be.

The Story Behind 'Over You'

Susie Suh: "Over You" is a song that came through really quickly for me. It was written in one sitting and recorded in one take with producer Mitchell Froom. Written on acoustic guitar, it's a song that reflects my songwriting roots as I started singing and playing guitar at an early age.

I then flew to Iceland, where I recorded a live performance of the song at an ice cave. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had and I really feel like the song and the environment melded perfectly together.


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What 'Over You' Means

SS: The song "Over You" is a song about boundaries and not losing yourself in other people's problems. It's about the realization that you can't help other people at the expense of yourself. It was a life lesson for me that I had to learn, to always put myself first, no matter how much we love or care about someone and want to help them. I hope whoever's listening finds support in the song and it helps them remember to have good boundaries so that they don't lose themselves in the process of helping someone else.

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Susie's Favorite Lyric

SS: My favorite lyric is probably: "It's the silence in the room, how it echoes the truth and helps remind me what I'm here for."

I really love this line as it refers to going inward and quieting the noise. It's in that place that I've always found my answers, and has helped me get back into alignment with my true purpose and self when I've gone off-track.

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