COVERGIRL's Senior VP Reveals the Inspirational Meaning Behind 'I Am What I Make Up'

The "easy, breezy, beautiful" slogan has been synonymous with COVERGIRL for as long as we can remember.

But times are changing, and the iconic makeup brand is ready to change with them. In an effort to fully embrace authenticity, inclusivity and diversity, the brand is waving goodbye to "easy, breezy, beautiful," and ushering in a fresh era with their new slogan, "I am what I make up."

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We chatted with Ukonwa Ojo, the iconic brand's Senior Vice President, about the company's new vision, her favorite products and her best advice for career-driven young women. Keep reading for everything she had to say.

Sweety High: What does the new brand vision "I am what I make up" mean to you?

Ukonwa Ojo: The "I am what I make up" brand vision embodies that makeup is a powerful tool for transformation and self-expression. It's steering away from the traditional one-dimensional version of beauty and embracing that, armed with your makeup bag, you can create whatever version of yourself you feel like being in each moment.

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SH: What's your favorite CoverGirl product?

UO: It's so hard to choose just one! Currently, I'm really loving the new COVERGIRL TruBlend Matte Made Foundation. It was created in 40 shades with a formula that addresses all skin needs, including oil control, pore minimization and transfer resistance. I love that it makes my skin look flawless but still feels super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

I am also obsessing over our new COVERGIRL Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick and COVERGIRL Easy Breezy Micro-Fine Fill + Define Eyebrow Pencil as my go-to everyday items. I love that at COVERGIRL we can develop products that outperform our prestige competitors, and still offer them at accessible price points.

SH: How did you get drawn into the world of makeup?

UO: I absolutely love the beauty industry and have always enjoyed the power of makeup. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to represent a brand such as COVERGIRL, and am empowered by the opportunity to bring my point of view to this iconic brand. I knew there were changes that this industry needed, such as becoming more inclusive and diverse, which COVERGIRL is leading with our new brand vision and direction.

SH: What was your biggest challenge in reaching your current role?

UO: I actually started out my career in finance, not marketing. It was a tough decision to quit my lucrative finance job after five years and go to Business school to switch to a career in Brand Management. Best career decision ever! In so many ways, I feel like my current career is what I was born to do. 

SH: What advice would you have given your 13-year-old self, knowing everything you know now?

UO: Don't be afraid to change your mind if you decide you want to go down a different career path.

SH: If you could offer one piece of advice to young girls who want to be successful in their careers, what would it be?

UO: Embrace who you are and bring it to your work. That is what will set you apart and is intricately linked to your gift.

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