Sweat-Proof Beauty Products That Will Save You This Summer

If you're anything like me, you sweat a lot.

In fact, I don't just sweat when I workout, I sweat when I get nervous, when the oven is on in the kitchen and I'm cooking… heck, I even sweat when the temperatures rise past 75 degrees. So believe me when I say that I put beauty products through the ultimate sweat test (moi) and the ones below made the cut. Stay matte and sweat-free this summer with my list of sweat-proof beauty products that are so good, you'll use 'em year round!

Sweat proof beauty products

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Makeup that lasts all day starts will an awesome primer. I swear by Becca's Ever-Matte Poreless Primer because it controls oil, reduces the size of my pores and keeps my makeup in place all day long!

Becca Poreless Evermatte Primer

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If I told you waterproof concealer exists, would you believe me? Behold: Tarte's Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12-Hour Concealer. It's what dreams are made of! I wear this product all the time, and it comes in extra handy if I have a blemish or dark circles and want to get in the pool or ocean.

Carte Waterproof 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Concealer

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Want a foundation that will take you from a day at the beach to a bonfire? Look no further than Urban Decay's All Nighter Liquid Foundation. It's full-coverage, waterproof, and will last you all day and all night.


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Eye Pigment

A surefire way to get shadow that lasts all night? Try Milk Makeup's Eye Pigment! They come in a range of high-impact shades that will stay on all night long, even if you dance the night away. I love Hotel Lobby.

Milk Makeup Eye Pigment

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Eye Primer

The secret to picture-perfect eye makeup all day long isn't about the shadow—it's about the eyeshadow primer! My top pick goes to Too Faced's Shadow Insurance. Just apply a coat of this to your lids before you apply your shadow for eyes that stay on for hours!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

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Now typically, I like to use a cream highlighter but TBH, getting a cream to stay all day is basically impossible. So, for days when I know I'm going to be out all day long (Disneyland, shopping, brunch) I reach for Urban Decay's Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Highlighter to give me a healthy highlight that I won't sweat through.

Urban Decay 8 Hour Waterproof Highlighter Powder

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When you think of waterproof or sweat-proof beauty products, blush frequently gets overlooked. Being fair-skinned, blush is essential for my beauty look because it adds color and dimension to my face. I recently found the Sephora Collection'Perfection Mist Airbrush Blush. This is a gamer changer—it's an aerosol! You can spray it directly on your face, or spray it onto a blush brush and apply that way. And, it lasts all day long!

Sephora Collection Blush Airbrush

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Waterproof mascara is a touchy subject for me. I really don't like mascara in general and waterproof mascara only amplifies all the things I don't like about mascara: clumpy, chunky, sticky, spidery… That is, until I found L'Oreal's Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara. Not only does it make my mascara stay in place, my lashes don't feel like heavy caterpillars hanging on my lids.

L'Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

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Liquid Eyeliner

I have been victim of bad liquid liner many a time. So much so that I stopped wearing it for a year! But recently, I've been really into a cat eye, so I started experimenting with different liquid liners and came across Maybelline's Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. Let me tell you, it stays in place all night and it's super precise. Win, win!

Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner

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This one I'm sure you already know, but ColourPop is the way to go if you want a lippie that lasts all day long! I kid you not they last 12+ hours without having to reapply, and they don't bleed at all into the skin around your lips. My personal fave shade is Creeper.

ColourPop Liquid Matte lip

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