Sweater Hound Can Put YOUR Pet on a Gorgeously Designed Custom Sweater

I don't know about you, but nothing brightens the faces of the pet-lovers in my life quite like gear featuring the faces of their beloved animals.

And while there are plenty of brands out there that print photorealistic pics of your animals directly on their products, I've always liked companies with a slightly more personalized, custom touch. That's why, when I stumbled upon Sweater Hound on Instagram, I knew I'd found something special.

I reached out to Sweater Hound, who was kind enough to walk me through the process and create a custom sweater featuring my family dog, Horace. After seeing the results, I feel like every pet devotee should have a Sweater Hound sweater of their own.

The Brand

Sweater Hound is all about creating custom products that allow you to wear your love for your pets on your sleeves, literally. While their signature products are their gorgeous sweaters, you can also get your dog or cat (or any other pet, with an added custom design fee) on blankets, hats, hoodies, lounge pants, men's underwear, phone cases pillows, pullovers and more.

But they don't just haphazardly slap a pic of your pet on the products. Every piece of art is custom-made, and when it comes to their sweaters, the pattern is then woven right into the fabric, rather than simply printed on. Every one of Sweater Hound's products is designed, created and made with love by founder Amy Fohr before being made by manufacturers in Long Island, New York or Los Angeles, California. Their custom sweaters are available for $128, with other products starting at $68. Once designs are approved, it usually takes three to four weeks to create the sweaters, and another three to five business days to ship.

Sweater Hounds example photo

(via Sweater Hound)


The Experience

My Sweater Hound experience wasn't entirely typical, as I mostly arranged for it by email, but the general process was easy enough. I knew I wanted a dog sweater, so I started by scrolling through their offerings, featuring dogs in superhero capes, scarves and Santa hats, doggy sweaters and more, and eventually settled on the Dog With Bow Tie design.

Sweater Hound options

(via Sweater Hound)

Once I'd decided on the design, I picked the size and color (they're available in cream, navy, black or grey) and sent a picture of my dog. For this one, I included a very smiley photo of the family dog, Horace the Boston terrier.

Horace in the Grass

In less than a week, I was sent a proof of the art for my sweater. It was essentially a four-color pixel art pattern, and I was immediately obsessed. He looked so cute! I signed off on it right away, and then it was time to play the waiting game.

Sweety High boston terrier proof

Lucky for me, the time has just been flying by, lately, and just like I'd been told, it took a little over three weeks for my sweater to arrive in the mail. Once I opened my package, I found that it was even more darling than I'd anticipated. The design looked incredible and was knit right into the fabric of the 100% recycled cotton-poly sweater. The stitching in this sweater is exquisite, and it's also just as warm and comfy as it looks, which is great because it's getting quite chilly where I live. I've seen similar sweaters, without incredible custom pet designs, that retail for just as much, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Sweater Hound finished sweater


Bottom Line

If you're looking to wow your loved ones this holiday season with a custom gift that lets them rep their beloved pets, you can't do much better than Sweater Hound. Their pieces are high-quality, as well as tailored exactly to pet-lovers, to show you're thinking of them and their best animal buddy—and we won't blame you if you buy one for yourself, too. At $128, it's not really a budget gift, but it's also not extravagantly priced either—especially when you compare it to a typical knitted woven sweater. If you want one, act fast—if you order one now, it just might be ready just in time for Christmas.


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