13 Sweater Weather-Inspired Mugs to Sip From This Season

The perfect accessory to sweater weather is a matching mug. During this cold weather season, we're all about warm drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The list below will take you through some of the most adorable and unique mugs for every aspect of sweater weather, from pop culture to ugly Christmas vests.

The Maurader's Map Mug: $12.99

The Harry Potter series is a must watch (or re-read) when the season begins to cool down. What better way to experience the magic than with a Marauder's Map mug that changes as you pour in hot liquid? The feet appear as the mug gets steamy!

Marauder's Map mug that changes when filled with hot liquid(via ThinkGeek)


The Dragonfly Inn Mug: $12.66

Every Gilmore Girls fan knows that the ladies run on coffee. Don this mug around town to show everyone how much of a super fan you are.

Dragonfly Inn mug from Gilmore Girls

(via Etsy)


The Sweater Mug: $15.00

These mugs come with their very own sweaters! These cozies are perfect for keeping your hands safe while also looking totally adorable. The grey sweater even has a pouch to carry your tea!

Knit sweaters for your mugs

(via UncommonGoods)


Woodland Creatures Mug: $9.98

Wood-n't you like one of these cute forest creatures??

Woodland creature mugs, fox and raccoon

(via World Market)


Disney Starbucks Mugs: $12.66

Disney and Starbucks—two of our favorite things. Each unique mug comes with a clever saying. Our fave: "Darth Roast Coffee."

Assortment of Disney mugs with a Starbucks logo feel

(via Etsy)


Video Game Controller Mug: $9.99

This video game controller mug has wishlist written all over it. The handles. I can't.

Game controller mug that says Game Over

(via RetroPlanet)


Kitty Tea Mug: $9.99

Cats are practically designed for snuggle weather. And this mug is perfect for curling up with a good book. Just place your steeped teabag on the kitty's head when you're done with it.

Kitty tea mug with slot to hold tea bag

(via Urban Outfitters)


Hedwig Owl Mug: $13.87

Hedwig may be the classiest owl of them all. Bring this little sidekick along during brisk morning walks or while indulging in a little HP book reading.

Mug made to look like Hedwig from Harry Potter

(via Hot Topic)


DIY Stickers Mug: $12.72

Nothing says cuddly weather better than pajamas all day long. But this mug is customizable, so you can place the cute stickers however you choose.

Pink mug with stickers to make your own personalized mug

(via Urban Outfitters UK)


Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Mugs: $29.99

Feeling under the weather? Perhaps a little blue? This set of four marshmallow mugs will put an instant smile on anyone's face.

Four cute marshmallow mugs

(via RetroPlanet)


Cat Face Glass Mug: $35.00

When you take a sip from this glass mug you'll have all the cuteness of a Snapchat filter with the combined benefit of nice hot tea or coffee! This mug is a must-have for any cat lover.

Cat face glass mug

(via Meowingtons)


Chip from OUAT Mug: $13.87

Once Upon a Time fans will recognize this prop-lookalike mug instantly. Snag yourself one of these adorable Chip recreations before the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast hits theaters.

Chip from OUAT mug

(via Hot Topic)


Ugly Christmas Sweater Mugs: $19.98

This pair of mugs really knows how to get into the holiday season. Sweater weather just isn't complete without an adorkable ugly Christmas sweater.

Ugly Christmas sweater mugs

(via World Market)


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