Sweet Beat Gets An Inside Look At 90210's Prom

We recently met up with Kime Buzelli (see right, on set), the oh-so-talented wardrobe genius behind The CW's hit show, 90210. Kime shared some juicy details about the upcoming prom episode and she even gave some essential style tips and trade secrets for the big night.

As the head designer for 90210, what does your job look like on a day-to-day basis? Generally, I read the outlines (to get a head start on what the characters/plot lines will be in the future) and then take a breakdown of the current episode script and coordinate with shoot dates, actors schedules to arrange shopping for looks, fittings the clothes and imagining what would look best for the scene based on the location and lots of other factors.  It's solving a lot of fashion puzzles daily, trying to locate missing pieces, score doubles on outfits when needed, and being flexible to changes.  My team and I work anywhere from 14 hours to 18 depending on what needs to get done for the next day.  So often we look less then lovely, ha.

For the prom episode, whose character was the most fun to dress? How about most challenging? The fittings were so much fun!  Nothing like racks and racks of amazing dresses from designer to vintage. I had lots of fun dressing Annie because she normally is dressed pretty preppy.  It was fun to imagine her getting ready for a big dance night out. I felt she would wear something girly and fancy- and PINK!  Something she normally never wears to school or around with Liam.  She had a fun vintage print prom dress with little ankle socks and platform shoes.  The boys were fun too, lots of fancy Paul Smith suits with cool bowties. The most challenging was probably Naomi. She is so streamlined and modern, she would never wear bows or frills or taffeta.  It's hard sometimes to find a simple and sleek dress that is also one of kind and special.  We were so happy when we found a lovely white Grecian looking one shoulder dress with a gold belt.

Do you have any recommendations for a girl looking to get a 90210 Prom look for less? I think you can always shop consignment and resale shops (even thrift stores!) for fun vintage looking cocktail dresses.  It's not who makes the dress, or what big designer you wear to the prom it all about YOU and how you mix things up, style it with hair accessories or fun shoes!  It's also more about your attitude, if you are confidant and are having fun- anything you are wearing looks GREAT.  I suggest Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, H & M, and even Zara for some fun eccentric prom looks.

Would you say this was one of the more difficult episodes to style? Why or Why Not? It was following a huge 60's episode…but honestly it wasn't any more difficult.  The hardest part was designing and creating the costumes for the space age performers and waitresses. Then there are a few people that had to be doubled because of stunts.The rest was fun and we all had a great time being on set watching it all unfold!

What are 5 Prom essentials that every girl should have/know about? I would say the best prom essentials are find 1. A cool or interesting clutch or cocktail purse to stow away your camera, lip gloss, etc…2. Wear something that you feel comfortable in, that you can eat in and dance in!  Don't get a super short dress or super tight dress that you will feel self conscious in all night!  3. A comfortable and fun pair of dance shoes.  Make sure they are shoes that you can be in for more than 20 minutes!  4. Have something to your prom outfit that is unique to you, what is your signature statement that you think best represents your identity or theme.  Do you love daisies? Are you into Rock-a-billy music?  Love stripes? Love the 1920's?  try and have a bracelet or necklace or tights (anything) that makes you  feel special. 5. Have a good driver or a plan for later. Don't get roped into doing anything or going someplace you don't want to go.  Have an idea for what kind of night you want to have and be able to relax and not worry about anything!

Do you have any insider tips for a prom catastrophe (punch on the dress, broken heel, etc.)? I once went to the Prom with all of the pins still in the bottom of my dress (my mom forgot to finish taking them out after hemming the dress!!)  While my date wasn't looking I slowly took them out and stuff them on the ground.  No matter what silly disaster happens- I would say just try to have a good time regardless, heel breaks?  Just go shoeless on the dance floor- you will be remembered more for being fun and spontaneous then having a meltdown.  Punch on the dress- try some clear soda water, if that doesnt help make a funny joke about it or wear your dates jacket.

Did you go to your high schools prom? If so, tell us about your outfit. Weirdly, I went to about 4 proms!  ha.  I went one year in a crazy green long fitted dress (big mistake- I walked like Morticia from the Adams family the whole night and could barely sit down)…I looked like the mermaid in SPLASH.  I also went one year with a super 80's style hairdoo and crazy poof tulle dress.  I had lace cut off gloves, and looked like I was straight out of a Madonna video.

If you could have prom all over again, what three songs would you for sure want to dance to? I would want to have Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun, just because at the end of the day it really is your best girl friends that you remember most about high school!! And maybe slow songs…Melt with You by Modern English because I am a Valley Girl at heart. Anything by Blondie— I also love some corny slow songs, but won't embarrass myself by naming them.

The prom episode airs Monday May 9th at 8pm only on The CW.

In the mean time, drool over the lovely prom-shoe selections hand picked by the 90210 team.

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