Sweet Beat Honors Walt Disney's Death

Today marks the 44-year anniversary of the death of Disney creator, Walt Disney. Walt, who suffered from Lung Cancer, died just 10 days after his 65th birthday, but his many life works have immortalized the man who brought you Mickey.

In honor of his passing, A Sweet Beat has selected our top 5 favorite things about Disney. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Riding Space Mountain- There's nothing like zooming through a star lit chamber of awesomeness and wonderment!

2) Going 'Under The Sea'- Anytime we are near an ocean we can't hep but imagine brushing our hair with a thing-a-ma-jig and have a flounder as a friend, just like 'The Little Mermaid'.

3) Mickey's Laugh- You know the one, the one that brings a smile to your face without even having to truly think about it.

4) Disney Royalty- What girl hasn't been a Disney Princess for Halloween, sported them on a t-shirt, or day dreamed about being one?

5) Infinite Youth- Thank you Walt, for making us feel forever young!