L.A.'s Gonna Have "Sweet Dreams" Thanks To Alex Angelo, Megan Nicole & Sammi Sanchez

Tonight is the night we have been waiting for — The Sweet Dreams tour with Megan Nicole, Sammi Sanchez and Alex Angelo has FINALLY made it to L.A. This is what dreams are made of! Here are all the reasons we're dying to see each of them!


Megan Nicole

1. Few would dare wear a penguin dress onstage, but Megan is always fearless with her fashion. Her style is totally quirky but never not on point. 

2. 2 words: Summer Forever. If Sydney isn't your spirit animal, get out.

3. Plus Sweety High got to go to the Summer Forever cast hangout on Friday and Megan was one of the funniest, chillest people ever.

4. Can we just be BFFs with her already? Plus Anna Grace Barlow and Alyson Stoner, obviously!

5. Like seriously, watch them all in this video RIGHT NOW.

6. We've all been getting Megan's character, Sydney, as the result in this "Which Summer Forever Character Are You?" quiz!

megan nicole i heart girl power

7. And did we mention she's a major inspiration to girls everywhere?

"Stay true to who you are. Follow what you are passionate about. And never give up. Women are changing the world every day. Never underestimate the power of your voice and the power of being a girl."

Loooove her!

Alex Angelo

1. "Turn Me Up" is maybe our fave music video of the year (but we'll admit we are a little biased).

alex angelo lion spirit animal

2. His spirit animal is a lion, which we already knew without asking, TBH.

3. And he JUST turned 15 on Saturday, so it's definitely not too late to get in on the belated b-day celebration!


Sammi Sanchez

1. Sammi is pretty much J. Lo + Demi. What combination of artists could be fiercer?

2. Not only is "Talk" so, so, so catchy, but we dare you not to relate to it.

3. And no matter how famous she gets, she ALWAYS makes time for her Sammurais.

It's not too late to get your tickets to see Megan, Alex and Sammi at The Roxy here! And if we don't have you convinced yet, here are 15 reasons you'll fall in love with Alex Angelo.