Everything You Need to Know About These Ridiculously Insta-Worthy Sweet Rolled Tacos

It's not hard to see why people are so captivated by Sweet Rolled Tacos.

Their colorful, topping-loaded desserts consist of sweet rolled ice cream loaded into a waffle cone cleverly bent into the shape of a taco shell, making them the perfect treat to showcase on your Instagram page.

Sweet Rolled Tacos opened its first shop in Garden Grove, California, and now has other California locations including Orange, Huntington Beach and La Habra, as well as shops in St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah and Tampa, Florida. But how did it get to be so Insta-worthy? We reached out to owner Kenny Tran to get the inside scoop (no pun intended) on the shop's inception and to find out a little more about what makes Sweet Rolled Tacos unique.

The Inspiration

Kenny Tran: Originally, Sweet Rolled Tacos was going to be a regular rolled ice cream shop with teas, shakes, and coffee. When my brother, Donovan, and I were discussing new trends and what we can create to bring something refreshing and fun to our store concept, we thought of ice cream tacos. The inspiration comes from living in SoCal (Santa Ana to be specific). We are surrounded by really good tacos restaurants and trucks—so we asked, why don't we come up with an ice cream taco concept using rolled ice cream techniques?

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Making It Happen

KT: Once we had the concept down, we needed to put it to the test. While the store was building, my brother and I were practicing doing rolled ice cream almost daily in our garage. We would make ice cream for our nieces and nephews every Sunday when they came over. But just doing ice cream tacos wasn't enough. We wanted all our ice cream to come out Instagrammable— so beautifully crafted that people couldn't resist taking photos. The shop opened its doors in May of 2017.


The Snags

KT: We were originally called Sweet Cup, but we had to change our name to Sweet Rolled Tacos when we were filing for the trademark. We were honestly scared that we'd be hurt by the name change, since we had all this PR for Sweet Cup. We were glad that people still found out about us with the new name. Also, Sweet Rolled Tacos never had a grand opening.


Most Insta-Worthy Dessert

KT: Our most Instagramable item on the menu has to be the Rainbow Road ice cream taco. The Rainbow Road is fruity pebbles ice cream topped with our house-made blue cotton candy whipped cream, sprinkles, more fruity pebbles and a rainbow sour belt.

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Tastiest Dessert

KT: For me, the tastiest item on the menu has to be the Coffee and Cream. It's coffee ice cream with a fresh shot of espresso chopped in with Oreo cookies, topped with whipped cream, Oreo dust, Oreo cookie and chocolate drizzle.

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Most Underrated Dessert

KT: The most underrated item on the menu has to be the Honey Avocado. When people think of avocado, they either think of salad or guacamole. Here, we have avocado ice cream. I really urge people to really give this flavor a try.

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What's Next?

KT: Right now, we offer a vegan ice cream base as an alternative, but with a limited menu. I would love to expand the menu to offer more options for a vegan base. I'm also working on doing a cereal series—ice cream flavors based off of popular cereals.


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