Sweet Suspense Reveal "Hold On" Music Video!

After this week's suspenseful countdown, Celine Polenghi, Summer Reign and Millie Thrasher of Sweet Suspense are back and better than ever with their first music video!

The new video reveals the time the girls spent in the studio to record and film a gorgeous remake of Wilson Phillips' 90s smash hit "Hold On"!

We love the way the video shows of each of the girls' fun and sweet personalities as they sing their hearts out to this song about staying strong and persevering by taking control of your life, because things always get better!

Every day before the release of the video we asked the girls a question as part of the #SweetSuspenseReveal. Did you correctly guess what track the girls would be sharing today?

Tell us what you think about the music video in the comments below and stay tuned to go behind the scenes of Sweet Suspense's "Hold On" video!

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