When you’re vegan, your chocolate options can become severely limited, and that’s particularly true when it comes to festive holiday sweets.

If you’re slightly annoyed at your lack of access to Easter chocolate, you’ll definitely want to look into Sweet Vegan. The New York City-based company is dedicated to making delicious and unique plant-based chocolates, and they were kind enough to send me a sampler ahead of the holiday to try for myself.

The Products

Sweet Vegan’s tasty handcrafted chocolates are made with 70% dark chocolate, and are free of dairy, soy, nuts and gluten, making them accessible to chocolate-lovers of all types. They specialize in two main varieties of chocolates. Their popular (and sold-out) All Raw Fruity Bites blend fruits with spice and dark chocolate, and their Dreamy Bites are rich chocolatey truffles made from naturally flavored ganache coated in dark chocolate.

Better yet, each Dreamy Bite is only 50 calories. In addition to the Luscious Lemon, Energizing Espresso and Spicy Ginger flavors I tried below, they also come in a Midnight Passion flavor for adults.

And if you order ahead of Easter, their Easter Special comes with a free template to make your own Sweet Vegan egg box. While the deal lasts, create-your-own sets are available at a discount with the 10-piece selling for $29.99, the 20-piece for $59.99 and the 25-piece for $74.99. You can either pick your flavors at checkout, or leave it blank for an assortment.

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The Flavors


Luscious Lemon

When I opened up my little box of Sweet Vegan chocolates, I found it interesting that all four of them were identical from the outside. I was grateful that the box contained a handy flavor guide—and that the box was also longer than it was wide, so I wouldn’t place it back incorrectly in the box.

I’m a huge fan of all things citrus, so I decided to go with the Luscious Lemon flavor first. It’s not a flavor that I see combined with chocolate all too often, so I was curious to find out how the flavors would work together. It turns out, they meshed beautifully.

Immediately, it was clear that this was dark chocolate. The flavor was bitter, with a hint of sweetness, and it was accentuated by the tart Meyer lemon flavor, which punched through the chocolate ganache to create a bold taste I hadn’t experienced before. If you love sour lemons and richly dark chocolate, you’re going to love this truffle.


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Energizing Espresso

Chocolate and coffee are a more traditional pairing, and Sweet Vegan managed to knock it out of the park. Again, the bitterness works in favor of the flavor, coming from both the chocolate and the dark coffee. If you like both your chocolate and your espresso with lots of milk, this probably won’t be to your liking, but it’s worth a taste regardless.


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Spicy Ginger

While the combination of chocolate and ginger isn’t completely unheard of, I’ve never seen it in a truffle, and was eager to find out how this one would taste. The flavor here was probably the subtlest of the truffles I tried, but it was also my very favorite. At first, I’d only taste the chocolate, but as the flavor lingered, I got hints of the warm, earthy and somewhat spicy ginger in the ganache, and the more I nibbled, the more that flavor added up. When it was gone, I definitely wished I had another.


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Bottom Line

Sweet Vegan’s Dreamy Bites truffles are clearly made with love, with high-quality ingredients that show in their delicious flavors. They’re great for vegans and omnivores alike, and at 50 calories per piece, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating a whole box. Though the price will definitely be prohibitive for some, it makes sense given the quality of the product and the care that clearly goes into it. The next time a romantic holiday rolls around, I know what will be on my list!


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