We Bet You Can't Read Through This Post Without Smiling!

Pixar has just released a teaser trailer for their next magical movie The Good Dinosaur, a film that will certainly make us laugh so hard we can't breathe and cry enough tears to end California's drought. Let's be real, Pixar films are always true masterpieces. No other movies truly compare to the greatness that is Inside Out and Toy Story 3. Let's look at the most smile worthy scenes from these films, shall we? [SPOILER ALERT: Endings of films are about to be revealed!]

This clip from Inside Out is so cute. Goofball Island needs to be an actual place!

Lightning McQueen helping out his competitor and sacrificing a win on the most important race of his life is just totally inspiring.

Ratatouille is proof that no dream is too big to chase after. If a rat can cook, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Our hearts broke into a million little pieces when Sulley had to say goodbye to Boo in Monsters, Inc. But Mike saved the day when he pieced her door together so Boo could see him again.

Buzz and Woody's reunion with Andy in Toy Story gives us all the feels. To infinity and beyond!

WALL-E remembering EVE after he basically almost died protecting the human race, um, BYE!

Nothing beats the Incredibles coming together as a family to save the world, amirite?

We're all about Merida being a boss and taking control of her own life.

Nemo and his dad finally reunite and then he saves a whole bunch of fish from being dinner, which totally makes him a superhero in our eyes.

UP is a movie that loves to play with our emotions, but nothing made us happier than seeing Carl give Russell the Ellie Badge.

Which Pixar movie moment filled your heart with joy? Let us know in the comments below.