SweetSuspenseReveal: 2 More Days!

It's 2 Days until the big #SweetSuspenseReveal! The girls will be releasing their first music video on Thursday, May 1, and every day we'll be revealing a little bit more about each of the members of Sweet Suspense as we count down!SweetSuspenseReveal 2 Days

Today, the girls tell us why girls run the world!

We want to be positive role models to girls across the world because strong, intelligent, loving, independent young women can work together to make the world a better place. Girls run the world because we are passionate, smart, creative, loving young women who truly want to make a difference and have the strength and ability to do it! Remember, "Girls can do anything guys can do, and in heels!"


It's just an inherent quality we, as females, possess. Girls run the world because we're naturally more passionate about what we do and what we're all about. When we set a certain standard, there's no doubt we will meet it. We set the bar high and work really really hard to achieve our goals.


Girls run the world so boys can chase them :'D Anyhow, that's what my mom says!!! But really, girls take on so many roles, yet people underestimate us. A lot of the time girls are seen as weak, but in actuality we are heroines. We are fierce. We tend not to limit our success, even if  that was once a norm. We broke out! And though we may have fears, we know how to conquer and control our fear to use it as an asset! We are pretty cool! That's why we run the world!!

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