SweetSuspenseReveal: Countdown Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, the countdown for the big #SweetSuspenseReveal begins! The girls will be releasing their first music video on Thursday, May 1, and every day we'll be revealing a little bit more about each of the members of Sweet Suspense as we count down!SweetSuspenseReveal tomorrow

Today, the girls tell us about their musical idols and why those artists are so important to them!


Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson are my biggest musical influences. I really admire all their careers. I admire the fact that they grew as artists and they continue to grow. J.T. is probably my favorite because his career flows through all of his many talents from music, to dance, to acting, to producing! He does it all and that is so inspiring to me! I love how Beyoncé is very in control of her career and grew into an artist that also manages herself. I love Michael because he was an icon! He took everything that he loved and put it into his artistry and that's awe-inspiring. Also, they are all not just singers but performers and artists that have a legendary sound of their own! I hope to develop that as my musical career continues!


A couple of the biggest musical idols in my life are Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato. From the time I was little, I've been a big fan of Christina. I grew up listening to her. The way my voice has developed over time is so influenced by the subtleties and nuances of Christina's voice. To me, Demi Lovato is a more relatable Christina. She's one of my biggest musical inspirations, not just as a musician but also in my personal life. Her voice and music continue to remind me to be fearless and always try new things.


One of my biggest musical idols is Aaliyah. I love how cool and chill she is! Everything she did seemed effortlessly flawless! Katy Perry is also one of my biggest influences. I love how quirky, fun, and full of personality she is in her music and also in who she is! I also love how Michael Jackson music really inspired people. I continue to be inspired by how strong his work ethic was, as well as his amazing performance skills! And lastly, I love how fierce and powerful Beyoncé is! She's also got an incredible work ethic that I really admire.

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