Sweety High and Just Saying TV Get Exclusive Interview With Burnham

In case you  haven't heard, there's a new boy band in town, and they know how to rock-out like the best of them! Meet Burham: Alex, Andre, and Forrest Burnham–three brothers from Vermont just 18,16, ad 14 years old!

"When we first started playing, it was for fun," says Alex , the eldest of the brothers. "And now it has developed into an insane amount of fun."

This level of fun is evident in their catchy pop-rock sound, and in the brother's dynamic stage presence!

Sweety High got the Just Saying TV girls exclusive access to interview the boys at the Z100 event this past week in New York. Stay tuned for some jam-packed footage (pun intended!) from the show, and also be sure to keep your eyes out for this tenacious-trio, as they will be touring with Justin Bieber for the second leg of his My World Tour!

For now: feast your eyes and ears on Burnham's music video for their hit song, "Catch Me if You Can".