Sweety High Blog Gets An Awesome Update!

Hey Sweetys! While the Sweety High Blog was down earlier today for an update, it's now back up and better than ever, with some fantastic new features, and even more coming soon!sweety high logo blog

First off, the blog has a brand new look, with simpler navigation and an optimized search function to help you find news stories on all of your favorite celebrities, artists and more!

We'll also be introducing some brand new categories soon, where you'll be able to come back every week for the latest news on the biggest stars in pop culture, complete with images, great info and a link to join their Fan Clubs on Sweety High!

Best of all, next week, we'll be launching a new guest blogging campaign all about girl power! You'll get to hear from some of the biggest musicians, actresses, athletes and more and learn exactly what girl power means to them!

Comment below and let us know which stars you want to hear about on the new blog, and of course join our community at SweetyHigh.com for community, girl power and more!