Sweety High Gives "The Hunger Games" Two Thumbs Up!

Sweety High is happy to report that fans will not be disappointed by "The Hunger Games" movie! In fact, the film does a fantastic job capturing the essence of the book.

The casting of this film is truly spot on — every single actor and actresses picked to fill these roles was exactly who author Suzanne Collins set them out to be. If you are a fan worrying if Effie will live up to your expectations, worry no more – she will.

The movie did an excellent job capturing the feel of the capital. I was curious as to how they would portray the colorful taste of the capital population, and am pleasantly surprised at how they managed to exceed my imagination on that mark.

Similarly the feel of the arena was also perfectly portrayed, bringing Suzanne's words to life without leaving a rock out of place.

For our younger Sweetys out there who may be worried about the violence factor, I am undecided about whether the film is more or less graphic than the novel. On one hand, you can't block out seeing the blood like you can when reading about it. On the other, the fighting is much quicker and less graphic when you don't have to read about the details.

The only negatives to this film are very minor – one being the shaky camera work. This style of filming is often used to make scenes more tense but often is simply more distracting than exciting.

The other downside was of course the slight deviations from the original story – although we are extremely happy to report that no major liberties were taken. The only changes that were made are very minor details; present enough for a true fan to notice, small enough to accept as changes only made to save time.

If you have only read the first book, you may want to consider at least getting through the second in the three part series before watching the film. There are subtle nuances and scenes that will be much more valuable to you as a fan if you understand what is to come in the second installment.

Overall, Sweety High is happy to give "The Hunger Games" two thumbs up! We are so excited for all of our Sweetys to finally see the first installment of this incredible series and we hope that this review reassures you that your high expectations will not be let down!!