Sweety High How To: Glamour Shots!

With Prom coming up, some of you Sweetys are preparing for the pictures you'll look back on for the rest of your life!

To make sure your Prom pictures will be frame worthy, here are a few photo tips to help you learn how to master your Red Carpet poses!

1. Posture up! Make sure you don't slouch in front of the cameras. Stand up straight and pull your shoulders back to help give yourself a poised appearance.

2. Practice a go to pose. Stand in front of a mirror and experiment with different poses that make you feel confident and look great. Try a hand on the hip, crossed legs, over the shoulder, etc. Next time someone asks to snap a photo, you'll be prepared with Red Carpet worthy poses.

3. Try to relax. If you are tense, your smile will seem forced. Try to focus on a funny or happy memory – when the flash goes, your genuine smile will show through.

4. Tip your face down and sideways. If you face forward and stick your chin too far out, you'll give yourself a "turtle" like appearance. If you pull your chin too far down, you could bring on the "double chin" effect. Instead, tilt your head slightly down and slightly to the side – this will cause the light to hit your face in a much more flattering way.

5. Don't squint your eyes. We all know this is incredibly difficult when standing in the sun, but do your best to keep your eyes relaxed. Don't let your eyelids be lazy and start to droop either – put some life in those eyes and keep them open and alert (just not so wide that your eyebrows are raised).

Practice your Red Carpet worthy poses and post the best ones on Sweety High!

Have any tips that give you great photos every time? Share them with your fellow Sweetys in the comments section below!