Sweety High Interviews Makeup Artist Maria Seccia!

Ever dreamed about how awesome it would be if someone paid you to put on makeup all day? Umm…we have!! Professional makeup artist, Maria Seccia, has made a career out of her passion, but she didn't get there by simply experimenting all day long. Hear Maria dish about what her job is really like, how she got there and amazing tips the pros use!

Read on Sweetys for the full interview!


Sweety High: Have you always wanted to be a makeup professional or did you ever think you might do something else?

Maria Seccia: As much as I always enjoyed doing makeup I thought I wanted to be an accountant, until I took accounting…

SH: What was your first job as a makeup artist?

MS: When you first start out you work for free and do what are called tests–when new photographers, models, hair artists, makeup artists and clothing stylists get together to do a photo shoot for their own portfolios. Once you have a portfolio you show it to potential clients, photographers, agents or anyone who will listen.

SH: When you were first starting out how did you learn more about your craft and get practice?

MS: After not doing so well in college accounting, I decided to take classes I enjoyed. Among those was a stage makeup class. That's how it all started for me. This opened up a new world for me.

I was also lucky enough to meet other students who were modeling or acting in the area. One in particular took me to his local modeling agency and I was introduced to the world of photo shoots. From there it was testing, networking and doing any project that came my way, whether it be film, photo's or theater.

SH: What young talent have you worked with that really impressed you?

MS: I worked with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift when they were first starting out! They were both very sweet. Also, I assisted a makeup artist who worked a lot with Beyonce and Destiny's Child. They were very young then–I think 19. I was SUPER impressed with their talent, work ethic and professionalism. I did spend more time with them then most celebrities I've worked with, so I got to see more and know them more.

SH: What is the best part about doing what you love for a living?

The key to success in life is to do what you love. When I say success, I do not necessarily mean earning a lot of money, although that can come with it. When you do things you love or enjoy doing you grow and blossom. When you grow and blossom you open yourself up to achieve anything!

SH: Do you have a favorite tool or product that you always have on hand?

MS: In order of importance: eyelash curler, lip balm, liquid foundation ONLY used as a concealer were you absolutely need it, and bronzer used as a blush!

SH: Do you have any tips for our young Sweetys who are starting to wear makeup?

MS: Less is more — be sure to work with your natural beauty first!!! Good skin care, healthy diet and exercise and plenty of water.

DO NOT go crazy with the eyebrow tweezing! That is mistake #1 for all teens. A good thick brow is WAY more modern and the MOST important feature of your face. Always a good moisturizer, eyelash curler and lip balm. Stay away from concealers and eyeshadows. If you need a little coverage use liquid foundation. For a stubborn raised pimple try a cream foundation.