Sweety High Joins The Effort To 'Stop Bullying'

The N.E.A. (The National Education Association) consists of 3.2 million members, and in April of 2010 this super-force came together to draft a survey that would help speak to the bullying epidemic that was sweeping the nation.

Of this survey, they found that, "Over 40 percent of respondents indicated that bullying was a moderate or major problem in their school, with 62 percent indicating that they witnessed two or more incidents of bullying in the last month, while 41 percent witnessed bullying once a week or more. Although more teachers (45%) than ESPs (35%) indicated that a student reported bullying to them within the past month, all staff members equally indicated that parents had reported bullying to them (16%)."

These numbers are raising at an alarming rate, but with this alarm comes hope– President Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama are now actively joining the fight to help stamp out cyber bullying and bullying as a whole. Today they addressed the entire nation via StopBullying.gov, and had some beyond touching things to say.

"This isn't an issue that makes headlines everyday but it effects every single young person in our country and its something that we care about not only as president and first lady but also as parents."

At Sweety High we are huge advocates of online safety and we believe it is important to educate our youth about the dangers of bullying. We can not stress enough how important it is to put an end to this, and we are ecstatic that the Obamas are getting involved. Watch some of our PSA's right here on A Sweet Beat, and stay tuned for special safety posts later this week.