Sweety High Talent Takes Off

Sweety High is becoming a significant launching pad for young talent!

Last week, Dylan O'Brien, who plays fan favorite Clever Trevor in our original webseries "Sweety," received the news that MTV has picked up the pilot for Teen Wolf, in which he co-stars as Teen Wolf's (played by Tyler Posey) best friend Stiles.

Sweety High founder and webseries creator, Veronica Zelle, discovered Dylan on Youtube. Veronica says: "Dylan had never formally acted in anything, so I really worked with him. I saw all this raw talent in his self-made videos and wanted to help take him to the next level."

Another recent breakout star is Scarlett Turner, from our site's Glam Squad webseries, who landed the lead in Australian pop sensation Cody Simpson's debut video for iYiYi. Veronica first tried Scarlett out in our series of Safety PSA's, but soon offered her the host position on our fashion show.

Veronica remembers: "Right before our first table read for the show Sweety, Dylan said, 'Veronica, I'm scared. These are real actors.' and I said, 'You're a real actor now.'" O'Brien agrees about SH and Teen Wolf, "I'm so excited that Veronica and Sweety High gave me a shot, and I couldn't be more thrilled that it has allowed me this opportunity."

Watch Veronica talk about casting Dylan in "The Making of Sweety" and as Scarlett goes behind the scenes of LA Fashion Week in the "Glam Squad" clip below! Also, check out our gallery of photos of the two stars!

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