Sweety High's Detailed Account of Taylor Swift's Concert

Taylor Swift's concert in LA at the Staples Center last night was amazing!  It opened with Josh Kelley and Needtobreathe, who were both excellent, but people were really excited for Taylor Swift.

Everyone was wearing Taylor Swift's Speak Now shirt and holding up light up and glittery signs with her name and lucky number thirteen. Then, Taylor Swift came out with a magical performance full of fireworks, dancers, and aerial acrobats.

Her songs and sets were stunning. Taylor Swift did a medley of Back to December, You're Not Sorry, and Apologize.  She also sang other songs like Mine, Enchanted, Sparks Fly, Better Than Revenge, and Our Song.  She made each individual song amazing and it's own story.

During Speak Now she had someone wearing a wedding dress about to get married.  She sang Speak Now and retrieved the groom at the end. Since he didn't say yes, Taylor and the groom ran through the crowd and to a different part of the stage where there was a revolving white tree.  She sat on it and sang Fearless with a ukulele she bought in Hawaii. She also sang Fifteen, Last Kiss and then some covers.

She wrote "Don't worry baby, everything will turn out alright," on her arm from the Beach Boys' song Don't Worry Baby.  She shared that the Beach Boys are one of the main things that remind her of California.  She covered their song God Only Knows.  Then she said that when she thinks of California she also thinks of "this incredibly cool chick named Gwen Stefani" and proceeded to cover Sweet escape.  Both were incredible, but what really amazed the crowd was when they heard the "Oouu ouu ouu oo" from Just Bieber's song Baby.

It could've been another cover, but then Taylor Swift brought out Justin Bieber and everyone was screaming.  They did a spectacular duet and my friend was shrieking "Oh my god, this is the closest I've ever been to Justin Bieber!!"  Everyone sang along and Justin Bieber picked Taylor up at the end and gave her a hug and spun her around before leaving the stage.

She ended the performance with Long Live, Enchanted, and then finally Love Song, where she stepped onto a balcony that floated up and above the crowd.  It was truly amazing!

Long live, Taylor Swift <13