Swiftamine Sketch on SNL: Everyone Loves Taylor Swift!

In a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch from this weekend, an innovative medicine called Swiftamine helps adults who thought they hated Taylor Swift cope with actually loving her!taylor swift swiftamine sketch snl

In the sketch, former vertigo sufferers (including a character played by Chris Rock) talk about how long it's been since they've had an attack. However, it all came rushing back when they listened to Spotify, iTunes and the radio, and then discovered that the song they loved was by Taylor Swift!

All of these new, reluctant Swifties are stunned, left with debilitating side effects.

"I don't like Taylor Swift," Chris Rock's character claims. "I know I don't!"

Then a doctor appears, explaining that realizing you love Taylor Swift has been the leading cause of vertigo in adults ever since tracks from her 1989 album started dropping this fall.

That's where Swiftamine comes in! It's a pink, bubbly dissolvable tablet that helps fans deal with their newfound love for Taylor Swift!

We think the sketch is hilarious! No one can deny the power that Taylor's music holds!

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