Taylor Gives Unsuspecting Fans Amazing Gifts For Swiftmas!

We didn't need another reason to love Taylor Swift, but here it is! Last month, Taylor bought personalized gifts for a bunch of lucky fans, complete with handwritten holiday cards and sent them out early. Their fabulous reactions were caught on camera in the cutest video ever!taylor swift holiday gift swiftmas

In 2014, Taylor took up a practice that came to be known as "Tay-lurking," getting to know her fans in excruciating detail with the help of social media. A lucky few of these fans received a telltale Santa Claus emoji from Taylor on their pages. Swiftmas was afoot!

With individual Swifties in mind, Taylor did a ton of shopping before she hand-wrapped presents for her fans, with a bit of interruption from her cats Meredith and Olivia. It seems some fans might have gotten a bit of cat hair in their gifts!

But the video doesn't end when the gifts are shipped off and on their way to their destinations. It also follows the fans and documents the screaming, bouncing up and down and tears that result when those packages arrive! 

The video is filled with heartwarming moments as fans open up gifts that Taylor put so much thought and effort into, and they long, detailed cards in Taylor's own hand. She even travels to Connecticut to meet a fan and her son to hand-deliver his gifts!

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