The Perfect Swimsuit for Every Type of Personality

Summer equals three things: friends, sunshine and loads of beach/pool days.

Because you'll be spending so much time basking in the sunshine this season, you're going to need a new suit.

Although you could spend hours scouring the mall for the perfect one, why do that when we've picked out the ideal suit for you based on your personality?


If you have a sweet disposition, you need a swimsuit that reflects that. This frilly zig zag flamingo print bikini is the perfect set for you because it's vibrant, chic and has a truly unique print. Your bubbly personality will radiate even more so than usual if you rock this bad boy to the beach.

You can purchase it HERE.

Zaful bathing suit: flamingo print bikini

(via Zaful)



You hate getting dressed up and spending too much time primping, so you need a suit that isn't all frills. What you really should be wearing is an uncomplicated black one-piece like the one below. Its sleek design is super simple, but the wavy hem gives it a little extra something. You'll look sophisticated and put together without even trying.

Get it HERE.

Zaful bathing suit: simple black scalloped one piece




You're modest and you absolutely hate drawing attention to yourself. Although the beach has never really been your scene, you do like to go dip your toes in the sand every once in a while. Next time you decide you need a day in the sun, you should rock this leafy one-piece suit. It's colorful but not too colorful, and offers a lot of coverage so you won't feel like you're drawing any sort of unwanted attention to yourself. You will look fabulous sporting this. ????

Get it HERE.

Zaful bathing suit: leafy one-piece

(via Zaful)



You've never been one to blend in—you love standing out and making bold fashion statements. That is exactly why you should purchase this vibrant floral bikini set for the summer. The design is rad, the cut-outs are gorgeous and the colors are so you!

Get it HERE.

Zaful bathing suit: bright floral two-piece

(via Zaful)



You are one artsy girl, so it's no wonder bright colors and bold patterns often appear in your wardrobe. If you really want to wow your family and friends at the beach this summer, pick up this striped backless one-piece. It's a real piece of art. ????

Get it HERE.

Zaful bathing suit: bold striped one-piece

(via Zaful)



You are fun, flirty and love having all eyes on you. If you want a swimsuit that showcases your fun and bubbly personality, this is the suit for you. The purple seashell bikini and green scaled bottoms will give you Ariel vibes in no time. It's a stunning look. ????

Get it HERE.

Zaful bathing suit: Ariel mermaid bikini

(via Zaful)



You are one active girl, and you need a suit that will keep up with you and your many water activities. This halter bikini will stay put all day long as you hop in the water, play beach volleyball and lounge in the sand. What more could you ask for?

Get it HERE.

Zaful bathing suit: sport color block bikini(via Zaful)


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