Switched Tells Tale Of Changed Identity & Romance!

Switched by Amanda Hocking is the first in the Trylle series, and the beginning of Wendy Everly's tale.Switched Book Review

At first glance, Wendy Everly is not so different from the other kids at her school. She's awkward, has an untidy head of hair that almost constantly bothers her, and doesn't quite feel like she belongs. She lives with her loving Aunt Maggie and brother Matt, who do everything for her despite her sometimes childish and temperamental tendencies.

While at her new school, Wendy catches the attention of an even newer student than herself. He is a strange boy named Finn. Wendy often catches him staring at her in a way that makes her nervous. After a few odd encounters with him, Finn finally tells Wendy why he is so interested in her.

It turns out that Wendy hasn't fit in her entire life for a reason. Her mother's suspicions that Wendy wasn't her actual child were correct.

Wendy is a changeling, a child switched with another after birth. She's not even human. Wendy is part of the Trylle, a clan of trolls who are quite different from the trolls known in most tales.

Finn takes Wendy home after a rival troll clan, the Vittra, attempt to kidnap her. There, she discovers that she is the daughter of Elora, queen of the Trylle.

Learning that she is a troll was confusing enough, but now Wendy must deal with the fact that she is a princess with a new set of expectations for how she must look and act.

Even further, she must confront her growing feelings towards Finn and the coldness of her new mother. Wendy becomes fed up and overwhelmed with how much her life has changed in just a few short days, finding comfort in only a few things, including her new friend Rhys.

Switched is a fantasy book that will appeal to readers who also enjoyed series like The Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures. However, the book does contains some language, violence, and other themes which may not be appropriate for very young readers.

If you're a fan of romantic fantasy and tales of switched identity, we think you will absolutely adore Switched!

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