What to Know About Singer Sydney Alton

Remember that amazing cover of Ariana Grande's "One Last Time" you saw on YouTube?

We guarantee it was the one by singer Sydney Alton. We can't stop listening to her music and couldn't wait to get to know her this week. Keep scrolling for everything you should know about her.


(Photo Credit: Shanade Alton)

Name: Sydney Alton

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan

Birthday: Aug. 16

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. If you can't stop snacking, Sydney can relate. Her faves are berries and pretzel thins.

2. She's such a big fan of Disney movies that she did an amazing cover of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. Her favorite Disney villain though, is Maleficent because of the solo movie made with Angelina Jolie. "I love how much depth was added to the character," she says.

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3. Her secret talent is impersonating character voices.

4. She can't get enough of her cousin Miranda. "She's my best friend," Sydney says. "Once we start laughing, we can't stop!"

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5.  The movie that inspired her most growing up was Kiki's Delivery Service.

6. In a biopic about her life, she would want Lily Collins to play her character because she's "amazing."

7. Believe it or not, her killer style is courtesy of Pinterest. She finds so many cool outfit ideas there. For music, she says she "turns to YouTube to watch vocalists who inspire me."

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