Everything You Wanted to Know About Model, Dancer and Influencer Sydney Bell

From her work as one of the industry's most beloved plus-size models to being a professionally trained dancer, influencer and one of Meta's Creators of Tomorrow, Sydney Bell inspires us as few can.

As an advocate for body positivity and self-love, she doesn't just speak on the importance of loving the skin we're in and rethinking the way we lift up women, but truly makes us feel the importance of her message. She speaks out against the unrealistic images we see plastered all over social media every day and helps us embrace real bodies, as well as our authentic selves. The point is, we're obsessed, and if you are too, just keep scrolling to learn everything she shared with us as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Sydney Bell trivia Woman crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Meta)

Name: Sydney Bell

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Birthday: June 17

Zodiac sign: Gemini


Fun Facts:

1. Sydney's favorite day of the year is New Year's Eve.

"You still have all the cozy and festive vibes of Christmas, but it's also a day where I can reflect on the ways I've grown and the things I've accomplished within the year and get excited and start planning my goals and plans for the new year!"

-Sydney Bell

2. Her favorite Disney villain has to be Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove.

"Now hear me out😭😂. Not only is Yzma a fashion icon, but if you really look at what her goal was in the movie, you would understand that she is a woman that, in a way, could be seen as admirable."

-Sydney Bell


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3. She's not much of a gamer these days, but she kind of wishes she was.

"The gaming culture and community that I've noticed and have seen lately are incredible! But I will never forget those Saturdays back in the day where my brother and I would spend hours playing the PlayStation Spider-Man game that came out in 2000."

-Sydney Bell

4. Her biggest pet peeve is when people assume about her health—or anyone's health, for that matter—based on just their outer appearance.

"I'm a walking testimony that I can still be curvy with hips, rolls and booty while maintaining a balanced diet and running two and a half or three miles a day."

-Sydney Bell

5. She also can't stand when she's talking and people will stop right in front of her or start walking ridiculously slowly in the middle of the sidewalk.

6. If she could pick anyone from history to be her mentor, it would be Harriet Tubman.

"Not only was Harriet a strong and determined woman who fought for her freedom, but she also risked her life to do what was right and assisted in gaining the freedom of others no matter how much danger she was put in to promote change. She was someone who was selfless and did what was right with no fear, and I would love to be mentored by someone like her."

-Sydney Bell

7. Her biggest character quirk is that she's never not dancing.

"I am always the girl dancing at any function—a wedding, a Meta conference, a runway at Miami swim week? Your girl is always dancing! Not only does it show off my upbeat and lively personality, but it makes other people join in and adds more fun and energy to any function!"

-Sydney Bell

8. Her biggest guilty pleasures are ordering hibachi steak with fried rice, and turning on Zeus network to binge-watch her favorite cheesy reality dating shows.


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9. Her most overused word is "PERIOD!"

"I use the word 'period' just about all day, every day! Someone looks good walking by me in the street!? Period! Someone compliments me on my hair or outfit?! Period! Someone toxic-walks out of my life or out of my circle? Okay, period!👏🏾"

-Sydney Bell

10. The No. 1 thing on her bucket list is to start her own inclusive agency that hires models, actors, photographers, hairstylists, content creators and more.

"I want to include creators with different skin tones, cultures, disabilities, etc., where they each can thrive in their craft and get the best opportunities to grow and be pushed and pitched for amazing shoots, productions and projects."

-Sydney Bell

11. She'd also love to take a little trip to Venice someday.

"Also, to go on a gondola in Italy with either the love of my life or with my best and happiest self one day."

-Sydney Bell

12. In three words, she'd describe herself as "the main character"!

13. She is a part of Meta's Creators of Tomorrow, representing the best and brightest creators of her day.

"To be a part of Creators of Tomorrow feels unreal. For the longest time, it felt like these social media platforms weren't pushing or supportive of creators like me—ones who talk about body positivity, self-love, growth and mental health. For the longest time, our feeds were flooded with unrealistic images and standards, so to have my work, message, brand and content that I've created to uplift and inspire women highlighted and even supported by Meta and Instagram is literally a dream come true and makes me proud that the platform is pushing and acknowledging meaningful and real content to make not only the app but the world a better place."

-Sydney Bell


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13. The one thing that's most important to Sydney is that she loves everything within herself.

"I have such a huge heart and will do any and almost everything to make others feel loved, celebrated and appreciated! From the janitor to the most famous person in the room, a new friend to my boyfriend, I will always make people feel loved, appreciated and accepted just as they are."

-Sydney Bell


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