Sydney Park On Kindness & Empowerment at Girltopia!

Sydney Park stars as Gabby on the Nick@Nite show Instant Mom, and was one of the empowering girl power speakers at Girltopia earlier this month!Sydney Park Girltopia

She told Sweety High in an exclusive interview just how important girl power is for girls everywhere.

"Girltopia is important because we have to empower our girls," Sydney said. "We are valuable, and we have a light inside of us. It's important that BYOU Magazine is here, because it has such an important message. It's important for girls to see that kindness goes a long way."

By being a genuinely nice and good person overall, teen celebrities can set examples to all girls that being kind is the way to be.

"All these messages are being brought here today and it's a really cool event to be a part of," she said.

Sydney said that it was surreal to get to be a part of the message of Girltopia.

"I never thought that girls would be so happy to see me here and I hope they know that I'm just the same as they are," she said. It's a really great feeling!"

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