We're Adding Every Item From Taco Bell's Holiday Collection to Our Christmas Wish List

If you thought you finished your Christmas list, think again.

Taco Bell just released their 2018 holiday collection and we need everything. 

One of our fave fast food chains is really bringing the heat to the chilly holiday season. And yes, we are referring to their sauce packets. Only this year, instead of drowning your Crunchwrap Supreme in Fire sauce, you can become the sauce. The holiday collection includes hot sauce packet fleece onesies. That's right—Hot. Sauce. Onesies.

Taco Bell holiday collection hot sauce onesies

(via Taco Bell)

And the onesies are only the beginning. If a fleece onesie is a little too spicy for your taste, you can instead opt for a pair of sauce packet pants with a matching shirt. What better way to show your love for these zesty flavors? As the tee says, 'tis the season to be saucy.

Taco Bell holiday collection sauce packet pants and mild onesie

(via Taco Bell)

Since we can't get enough wearable Taco Bell items, the new collection also blesses us with a few themed sweaters. Though they're not as overtly related to the fast food chain as the hot sauce items, they still get the message across. Seriously, a Christmas tree with tacos on it? It's like a dream come true.

Taco Bell holiday collection sweaters

(via Taco Bell)

But if wearing Taco Bell items isn't your thing, have no fear—there are plenty of home accessories in the collection that can represent your love for the chain without ruining all your holiday outfit plans. Mugs, microfleece throws and lighting fixtures are all included to bring some taco-themed love to your home. 

But we have to say that our fave home accessory items are definitely the hot sauce throw pillows (can you tell how much we like Taco Bell sauce packets?). Not only do they look overwhelmingly comfortable, they also give us the opportunity to cuddle with our favorite flavorful sauces.

Taco Bell 2018 holiday collection

(via Taco Bell)

Suffice it to say, this collection is everything we never knew we needed, and we won't be satisfied until we own it all.



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