Here's What We Really Think of Taco Bell's New 'Nacho Fries'

Any new item on the Taco Bell menu is a cause for celebration at the Sweety High offices, but Nacho Fries take our excitement to the next level.

They're available in Taco Bell stores across the nation starting today, Jan. 25, so we hopped over to our local drive-thru to try them out for ourselves.

We ordered a $1 box of their Nacho Fries a la carte, plus a Nacho Fries Bell Grande and dug in.

Taco Bell Nacho Fries a la carte

The box of fries was on the small side, but it did come with a side of warm nacho cheese. The fries themselves were coated with a dusting of light orange powder with a texture similar to that of a curly fry.

Biting in, the texture was crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft and hot inside. The seasoning was a little sweet and a little tangy, with a hint of mild spice at the end, but it wasn't a strong flavor. We expected the taste to be sharper based on the amount of seasoning on the fries. The exact flavor is a little hard to place, but Taco Bell's website describes it as "bold Mexican seasoning."

But the point of Taco Bell's fries isn't to eat them on their own. Paired with the melty, slightly spicy nacho cheese, they became especially delicious. The cheese seemed to enhance the seasoning on the fry—but maybe that's because nacho cheese tastes good on everything.

Next up, we got to chow down on the Nacho Fries Bell Grande. This dish emulates the classic Nachos Bell Grande but replaces the tortilla chips with fries. The crunchy fries topped with nacho cheese, tomato, sour cream and ground beef looked amazing, and it tasted just as good. If you've had the classic nachos, you'll know what to expect.

Taco Bell nacho fries Bell Grande

And just like a regular plate of nachos, you won't want to admire the plate too long, because the longer the tasty toppings sit, the soggier those fries will get. Get in there while they're still crispy!

If you're not totally sold on the Nacho Fries, they're just a buck so they're a low-cost try. If the fries don't impress you, you can always drown them in the nacho cheese.

Even after eating all of the a la carte fries and the Bell Grande, we wish we had more.





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