Take Care Wellness Makes Gorgeously Scented Pillow Sprays That Will Lull You to Sleep

I've spent most of my adult life seeking out solutions for my sleep woes, and aromatherapy is definitely among my favorites.

There's something about the right soothing scents that really help slow down my mind when it's racing. And while I've enjoyed essential oil diffusers and other methods for practicing aromatherapy before bed, pillow sprays tend to be the easiest—and most effective—so when I heard about Take Care Wellness, the brand definitely piqued my interest. They specialize in bedtime pillow sprays for enhancing sleep, and when the team behind them reached out to me to see if I'd like to do a review, I just had to give them a shot.

The Brand

Take Care Wellness was developed by founder and CEO Genese Jamilah, who suffered from major insomnia until she discovered the restorative power of pillow sprays during an adventure through Europe. The experience inspired her to create her own pillow sprays, with unique small-batch essential oil blends that can help anyone prioritize their self-care.

Each spray is made with just water, alcohol and natural essential oils, and it just takes two or three mists over your pillow before bedtime to feel their full effects. They come in six different fragrances, which are available in four oz. bottles for $15 each. For my review, I was sent their Pillow Spray Sampler ($30) including 1 oz. bottles of each of the brand's six signature pillow sprays.


Take Care wellness genese jamilah

(via Take Care Wellness)


The Pillow Sprays

Chamomile + Vetiver

I began my Take Care Wellness adventure with the Chamomile + Vetiver spray, misting three spritzes of the spray over my pillow before bed. Funnily enough, this was also the scent that was the most similar to the traditional aromatherapy scents I was used to. It was a bit strong, with the fresh herbal scent of chamomile pairing nicely with the stronger, almost smokey earth scent of vetiver.

The strength of this scent is definitely beneficial because I found it very fronting and relaxing. When my head's going a mile a minute, a more potent scent is something nice to focus on, and I found that I slept like a dream when using this pillow spray. This wasn't just the first scent I tried, but it's also become my go-to when my mind's especially busy.

Take Care Wellness: Chamomile and Vetiver pillow spray

(via Take Care Wellness)


Jasmine + Sandalwood

Next, I turned to the Jasmine + Sandalwood scent. Jasmine is definitely one of my favorite floral scents, and I loved how its sweetness and woodsiness were paired with sandalwood to bring out that must even further. There's something about this scent that's bright and dreamy, making it super relaxing and nice for a quiet, restful night of sleep.


Take Care Wellness: Jasmine and Sandalwood pillow spray

(via Take Care Wellness)


Lavender + Vanilla

After that, it was time to try the Lavender + Vanilla. Lavender is definitely the scent I'm most used to when it comes to sleepytime pillow sprays, so I wasn't expecting anything too fancy with this one, but I was still surprised by the fantastic scent. There's something about the combination of the herbal and floral notes in lavender that I always find so calming, and paired with sweet vanilla, it's just a dreamy scent that makes me think good thoughts and helps me get to bed.

Take Care Wellness: Lavender and Vanilla pillow spray

(via Take Care Wellness)


Jasmine + Clary Sage

Now, the Jasmine + Clary Sage is probably my very favorite spray in the bunch, scent-wise. That strong floral scent of the jasmine is the perfect complement to the strong herbal notes in the clary sage, making for one truly delicious scent. I wish it existed as a destressing perfume because I'd wear it pretty much daily—and not only does it get me to sleep faster, but I swear I have better dreams when I use this pillow spray.


Take Care Wellness: Jasmine and Clary Sage pillow spray

(via Take Care Wellness)


Lavender + Eucalyptus

Given its place in sleep aromatherapy, I wasn't too surprised to see another lavender-based scent in the mix, and this one is just as lovely as the first. This time, the lavender is paired with the stronger eucalyptus, but the two scents work together remarkably well, with the herbal minty notes of each making for a smooth, mind-clearing scent.



(via Take Care Wellness)


Ylang Ylang + Frankincense

Last was the Ylang Ylang + Frankincense, utilizing another one of my favorite dreamy florals. The somewhat powdery and deep floral scent of ylang ylang is a fabulous match for the incense-like frankincense, which adds a hint of woodsy musk. Together, they smell just like bedtime somehow, and while they're not as strong as some of the others, they'll definitely get you in the right mindset for falling asleep.

Take Care Wellness: Ylang Ylang and Frankincensepillow spray

(via Take Care Wellness)


Bottom Line

Whether you're already a fan of aromatherapy or you sometimes struggle with sleep and are looking for a calming, grounding boost to your bedtime routine, you can benefit from Take Care Wellness's pillow sprays. With six different varieties, you're bound to find at least a couple that you love—or, you might be like me and adore the whole collection. At $30, it's also not too expensive to test them all out before honing in on your favorite.


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