Take Charge With Sweety Back To School Tips!

In the Take Charge contest, we asked the community at Sweety High to share their most valuable back to school tips! Check out their advice below to find out seven great ways to make the most of the new school year!Take Charge Back To School Tips

1. Back to School Shopping

  • Grayskies – Make sure you have the needed materials for each class, but make it fun! Why have a plain old blue notebook when you could have a rockin' plaid one?
  • Kittycat54448 – I go to my favorite store in the mall with my family. Me and my cousins like to go in and try on cute clothes and come out and show our moms. We dress up and pretend we are in a fashion show. After we get all of our clothes and shoes we go and close our eyes and pick our folders and notebooks. It's so much fun!
  • Tailgateblues – I usually go shopping with my darlin' mother, we shop till we drop haha:)
  • Bayerbear – I always go for the crazy nail styles! I started off 7th grade this year with mustaches on my nails hehe. Confidence is key!
  • Simpsonizer23 – Clothes shopping of course! I went straight to the mall and tried on so many clothes. Its fall season now, which is the best clothing season in my opinion. Sweater weather is better weather, right?

2. Getting Organized

  • Lover2019 – A week before schools starts I organize my backpack. After I've finished that, I help my little brother with his stuff too.
  • Sweettea123 – I lay out my clothes every night before school so I am not rushing to find something to wear.
  • Maddie176 –  I clean my room and make sure that I have a good working environment for doing homework.
  • Libbiezhere – I write a list down of stuff I need to to do and get on my phone to add alarms and reminders. I put sticky notes everywhere!
  • Mroers – I color code all of my classes–it's always important to be organized.

3. Study Prep

  • Aurorabeam – I get prepared for the school year by keeping sharp during the summer. I read a lot and like brain teasers!
  • Blingy – This school year, I have decided to get prepared for school in a different way. I read daily and have study dates with my friends. Sometimes I even write down random things I want to learn about and in my free time, I start practicing.
  • Bananasplit – Start reading my text books!
  • Shelbilynn – I get prepared by reviewing all the things that I learned the previous year, and working on my writing skills.

4. Get Plenty of Sleep!

  • Rachey619 – Make sure to get a good nights sleep because you don't want to be falling asleep during any important announcements (And to prevent those ugly dark circles under your eyes :P)!
  • Shelbilynn – I got to bed earlier a week before school starts.
  • Karaliah – Mentally prepare yourself for the waking up at 6 AM. The night before, get as much sleep as possible, and eat a great breakfast in the morning.

5. Set Goals, and Dream Big!

  • Mspearlilane – I always make a goal list to hang in my locker chock-full of things I can do to make more friends, help out more, get better grades, and be an all around better person. Sounds weird, right? Nope! This year, I've helped out more with volunteer work and have made a TON of new friends!
  • Surrendipity – This year my goal is to get an A in math, join 2 clubs, and have fun at the same time! So far so good 🙂
  • Girlygirl503 – My friends write predictions on what we hope to have done at the end of the year.
  • Loveispoison – My goal this year is to be BOLD.
  • LarissaRenae – We make a goal list for the year, kind of like a new years resolution for school!

6. Get Creative and Customized!

  • Totalweirdo – I could make a backpack out of duct tape instead of buying one.
  • Sugarbean13 – Decorate your locker the style you want. Show off your wild, cool, awesome, epic side. Decorate it just like you!
  • Annieem – I decorate my notebooks to give them my twist. This year I put some Jessie J quotes.
  • Hol1d143 – I design all my notebook with stuff I love, and want to see everyday!

7. Turn It Into A Celebration!

  • CrystalClear3 – Get together with friends for a last-day-of-summer party!
  • Iluvshuffle – My best friends and I go to the beach for one last hurrah before the school year starts 🙂
  • Codygirl44 – I like to go swimming on the last day of summer, so I can say goodbye to outdoor pools for the year, and swim one last time.
  • LarissaRenae – I always have a sleepover with my friends and we bring our first day outfit ideas and decide!!

What did you think of these back to school suggestions? Tell us which ones you've done in the comments below, and share your own wisdom with us at Sweety High!

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