Talia Sari Makes Beautiful Rings Representing Your Most Cherished Places

I'm sure I'm not the only person out there who thinks that a lot of the custom and personalized jewelry options out there can look pretty tacky.

While there are a few subtler options out there with delicate birthstones or elegantly written name charms, they can be few and far between—and even the nice ones really aren't my style. So when the folks behind Talia Sari and their personal map jewelry reached out to me and I saw what they had to offer, I couldn't be more excited. They send me a code to go through the process of creating my own custom piece, and the results truly blew me away.

The Brand

Talia Sari makes personalized jewelry pieces based on maps, creating necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings and even tie clips featuring the most important places in people's lives. The result is stunning, one-of-a-kind cut-out accessories with a bold aesthetic you won't find anywhere else. The place, and the parts of the map featured, are all up to the customer—and there are some great customization options along the way, too.

Talia Sari jewelry types preview

(via Talia Sari)

A standard custom map jewelry piece starts at $189 (with a pair of earrings starting at $219), with custom map markers costing extra—and though it's currently too late to order for Mother's Day, as of this writing, Talia Sari running a 20% off Mother's Day sale.

And, if you're not sure what location is most significant to someone—or just want to give them a little more control over the aesthetic of their piece—you can also send them a Create Your Map Jewelry gift card, loaded up with the exact amount they'll need to bring their vision to life.

Talia Sari custom ring on model

(via Talia Sari)


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The Process

The process of ordering my Talia Sari ring was surprisingly simple. The first thing it asks for is the location you want on your piece, so I mentally went through a few locations before deciding on what I wanted. That included where I live now, in the woods by the bay in Washington, but I eventually settled on the place where I got married. When I typed in the location, it generated a preview of the piece. I loved the very regular, grid-like streets on the map it showed me of the San Diego waterfront and knew that was what I wanted on my piece.

Next, it asked me to select my jewelry type. I knew I wanted a ring but didn't realize there were both small and large options. I opted for the more elongated "large" ring, because I loved how those rings looked on the models in the images, and then moved the map preview, zooming out just a bit, to get it looking exactly how I wanted.

The next option was color. Talia Sari offers both 24K gold-plated brass and Palladium-silver-plated brass, both with a matte finish. I went for the gold—again because I liked how it looked in brand images—before moving on to the marker options. This gave me the choice to put a small marker to mark the location. These are available in red enamel in a heart shape, or in a circle in black or white enamel. Other jewelry pieces also offer a pearl marker. I chose the heart since it represented my wedding, and then my order was completed, so I added it to my cart and finished the transaction.

Talia Sari custom map preview

(via Talia Sari)




From there, all I had to do was wait. Just three days after placing my order, I received an email from the team with an update on the design. It was tilted slightly to allow the most important elements to be nicely placed on the map, and it looked fantastic.

It took two days for them to finalize and cut the piece after that, and 18 days from the moment I placed my order, it was at my doorstep, looking even better than I'd imagined.

Talia Sari custom map ring finished

By default, the ring is a size 6.5—making it perfectly fit my middle fingers, index fingers, and thumbs—and is made very thin, with an open back. That makes it ultra-versatile, and I love its unusual, dainty look—especially with the highly zoomed-in map I selected. However, being very thin means it also seems pretty delicate. It's definitely not one I wear when I'm working too much with my hands, and I'm careful not to get it wet too often because it's not made with super rigid materials.

Talia Sari custom map ring on hand

Even so, I adore this ring, and I've worn it pretty much every day since I received it. I also loved surprising my husband with the ring. The second I told him it was a map, he recognized the location immediately—and now, when I forget to put it on, he reminds me!


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