Can't Wait for the Tall Girl Sequel? Use One of These Quotes as Your Next Instagram Caption

If you loved Netflix'Tall Girl, you're in for a treat, because the movie's sequel, Tall Girl 2 officially hits the platform on Feb. 11.

The new rom-com will see the return of Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Sabrina Carpenter and the rest, following Jodi as she adjusts to her newfound popularity and has her relationship with her boyfriend (and best friend) tested after joining the school musical. We're not sure what to expect when it drops in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, we're celebrating with these great quotes from the first film that doubles as Instagram captions.

For your red-lipped, classic look selfie:

"And that's why I want to be just like Taylor Swift when I grow up."


Tall Girl: Jodi, Jack and Stig sitting awkwardly on the couch

(Tall Girl via Netflix)


For the before and after pics that look like a completely different person:

"I'm going to Extreme Makeover the crap out of you."



For when you refuse to back down:

"We can lay low, or we can stand tall."



For when you're super short and wondering what everyone else sees:

"How's the weather up there?"



For that pic of you wearing a dress in a wild throwback print:

"I look like grandma's couch."



For when you're practicing self-love, no matter what your size:

"I love all 73 inches of myself."


Tall Girl: Jodi and Fareeda near lockers

(Tall Girl via Netflix)


For the pic of you refusing to change to "fit in":

"Why couldn't I have just been normal?"



For that throwback elementary school photo in which you really stand out:

"Having back row, center placement in all your class photos isn't exactly a self-esteem booster."



For the photo of you gorgeously standing out of the crowd thanks to your height:

"When you're a tall girl, it's the only thing people see."



For when you're making the best out of a bad situation:

"We've all got something about ourselves we wish we could change. But it's completely out of our control. The only thing that we can control is how we deal with it."


Tall Girl key art with main characters at school

(Tall Girl via Netflix)


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